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From Pilar an unpaved stretch of Route 4 extends to the southern tip of the country passing the historic ruins of Humaita leading all the way to small fishing towns of Paso de Patria and General Diaz at the southernmost tip of Paraguay. The area’s location downriver from Asuncion made it a strategic battleground during the Triple Alliance and as such, many battles were fought along these shores. Treasure hunters have their pick of war relics, many of which end up on display in the numerous Triple Alliance museums (both public and private) in towns along the river. The combination of historic ruins, handful of museums and idyllic riverfront scenery make Humaita a pleasant and worthwhile day trip from Pilar for nature lovers and history buffs alike.

About forty kilometers south of Pilar, the town of Humaita was witness to much fighting during the Triple Alliance War and as such is of much historic value, though it’s location at the far reaches of the country has left it ignored until recently. The ruinas de Humaita are currently the focus of a development project by the Ministry of Tourism which includes the construction of visitors areas and night time illumination of the ruins.

Through the Turismo Social Sustentable (Socially Sustainable Tourism) initiative visitors to the department of Neembucu can stay with families in Humaita, Paso de Patria and Isla Umbu for Gs.

75,000 per day (which includes room and board). For more information contact Diogenes Cardenas at 0975 151 354 or Mabel Franco at 0975 663 636. There are also day tours offered by the Tourism information of Isla Umbu which cost Gs. 250,000 per person and include visits to Pilar, Isla Umbu, Humaita and Past de Patria as well as meals. Unfortunately the tours do not include transportation – a car is necessary.

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