New York Deli & Grill US Map & Phone & Address

11 Temple Plž Boston; (617) 426-2350


Here’s another hidden-jewel lunch spot, convenient for office types as well as Downtown Crossing shoppers seeking fortification. A tiny hole-in-the-wall joint, the New York Deli & Grill serves up all the usual lunchtime grub but they do an unusually good job of it. When they call it home-style cooking, dese guys ain’t messin’ around, y’know? Along with the basics, NY Deli features a few noteworthy offerings like the Turkey Terrific, with stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayo for $3.95. Mine’s companion, meanwhile, raved about their vegetable soup. A far cry from bland, canned mush, this con-

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The first bloody battle of Falkirk was back in the time of the Wars of Independence, and was the sad end to Wallace’s efforts to free Scotland from English interference. He had finally succeeded in driving out all the English garrisons, had been appointed ‘Guardian of Scotland’ and carried fire and sword into Northern England. Edward I was in Flanders fighting the French king, but was forced to return and invade Scotland in 1298. Wallace’s smaller, less-trained force was caught at Falkirk and, despite bloody resistance, was simply massacred by the sheer weight of English numbers and the deadly longbow which weakened the ‘schiltrons’ of fierce spearsmen. Wallace continued the struggle, went in vain for continental support and, on his return, was betrayed. Edward had him barbarously hung, drawn and quartered as a ‘traitor’ which ensured he has been a national hero ever since. This central corridor of the country was much fought over, for Stirling was the lowest bridging point on the Forth and so forced communications in that direction, for good or ill. We seldom remember how greatly history is affected by geography, both in the big events and battles and in everyday social activity and trade. Falkirk as the ‘epicentre of Scotland’ could hardly escape. Now it is a town of 40,000 inhabitants and a busy place despite the decline of older industries.

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