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210 E. Trade St., Ste. B-120, 704/971-4440,

HOURS: Daily 11 A.M.-2 A.M.

COST: $5 cover Thurs.-Sat. after 9 P.M.

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Check the score during dinner, sit at the bar and watch the game, catch the instant replay on the way to the bathroomno matter where you go in BlackFinn there is a television, and they’re all tuned into sporting events. There are 30 flat-screen TVs around the bar and flat-screen televisions at every booth. The food is casual with a twistminiature beef burgers, Southern-style nachos, and campfire hot wingsand the crowd ranges from college kids in flip-flops to bankers in ties. There are nightly specials, and a trivia competition on Tuesday night.

1629 The charter of Freedoms and Exemptions is approved by the Lincoln Subway Map States-General. This statute provides that any independent settlers have a right to as much land Lincoln Subway Map as they can cultivate properly. It also stipulates that any stockholder in the West India Company who can settle fifty adults in New Netherland will become the patroon of a large swath of land, which can be passed along to the patroon’s heirs. The original patroonships include 16 miles of riverfront property, and extend inland as far as is practical. 16311633 Samuel Godyn commissions a colonizing party of twenty-eight men to land on Delaware Bay, where they establish the first European settlement in what is now Delaware. The colony is called Swanendael, a reference to the number of swans in the area. Godyn intends that his settlers begin a profitable trade in whale oil, but they arrive too late in the season. The settlers who remain at Swanendael quarrel with local Native Countrys and are all killed by the time reinforcements arrive.

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