Best Travel Destinations April

Best Travel Destinations April
There was I, in a real life Christmas postcard scene.

Snowflakes were quietly falling, covering the street, rooftops and trees in quiet Honeymoon Bay; and, there was I – hair all covered with snow – walking the streets with a tall, young white woman who had joined our sales team that day.

We had worked Ladysmith, Nanaimo and Duncan during the leadup days, following a blitz in Vancouver and other areas including Surrey, Sechelt, Squamish and Chilliwack.

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In one of these municipalities, I remember entering the home of a family on a Saturday afternoon. There was a fight showing on TV between Argentina’s Bonavena and Mohammed Ali. The very hospitable and friendly husband and wife explained that they had two grown sons soon finishing college; so, thanks but no thanks.

However, they kindly offered me a soft drink which I graciously accepted. Now, we had learnt various rebuttals at our training sessions prior to hitting the streets daily; and, were told that, once you managed to get a toe within a door to find a way to make a pitch with the goal of making a sale.

So, while sipping on my drink; and, looking at the fight which was in the hilarious ninth round – in which both boxers slipped and hit the deck – I asked my hosts if they had any objection to my still making my presentation.

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