Sa Coma Mallorca Spain Tour Of Beach And Resort

In this post I am taking you on a tour all around Sa Coma and to the neighbouring resort of s’Illot. I will show you the beach, restaurants, shops and bars in this area. If you are coming on holiday here, a great post to see what to expect. if you have already been on holiday here. a great way to see it all again. So this is the main beach of Sa Coma, later in this post I will show you as well the beach of s’illot that is a bit smaller and within walking distance from here. So this is the ending of the beach of Sa Coma but not the ending of the resort.

Sa Coma Mallorca Spain Tour Of Beach And Resort Photo Gallery

There are some nice restaurants coming up and a bit further is also the area where they have the evening markets. This is the bus to the Safari zoo a bit outside of the main resort but a short drive away. For more excursion ideas in Mallorca I also have a post covering that here on my blog on my blog. So as you can see, the beach of s’Illot is pretty nice as well.

What I like here is that there are less hotels and as well a large choice of different style bars and restaurants next to it. If you are not sure where to go on holiday yet, then you might want to get my free holiday guide to the best hotels and holiday destinations all over Spain. There is a link to that guide on your screen right now. So I hope you enjoyed this tour of Sa Coma and s’Illot. You can also have a look at my other posts covering these areas as well as the rest of Mallorca. If you want more information about holiday in Spain or need help finding the right holiday destination or hotel for you, you can also have a look on my website .

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