Las Vegas – Wayne Newtons Casa de Shenandoah Tour

Known as Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton has been a fixture of this city for over 40 years, and today we get to visit his home, Casa de Shenandoah. Wayne has really been in the industry for years. He started performing when he was four. In some of these pictures he’s so young, and in his little costumes, and onstage, it’s really neat. Mr. Newton has an extensive car collection.

Las Vegas – Wayne Newtons Casa de Shenandoah Tour Photo Gallery

Most of them Rolls Royces, all of them work, he drives all of them, and this one, for example, used to be owned by Johnny Cash himself. What a lot of people don’t know about Wayne Newton is he is one of the top Arabian horse breeders in the entire world, and here on the property he has over 60 Arabian horses. One of the stops I’ve been looking forward to the most, Wayne Newton’s mansion.

We’ve walked in the main doors, in through the entrance way, and it brings you into this exquisite living room. All throughout the house, there’s all these little trinkets of things that mean something to Wayne, and it’s been important to him that they stay in the house. Look at this group! Hi, I’m Brock, nice to meet you. Good to meet you. [Brock] Although seeing Wayne Newton in person is not part of the tour, we had the rare opportunity today to meet him at the Casa de Shenandoah. When I took about five years off, I took it off to open this up to the public. It’s been a tremendous success thanks to people like you. What a magnificent day it has been here at Casa de Shenandoah. The rare opportunity to meet the man himself. Today has reinforced what a significant icon Wayne Newton is in the story of Las Vegas.

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