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16721674 The Third Dutch War is the final conflict between England Santiago Subway Map and the Netherlands over trade and colonies. Various colonies including Suriname, some East Indian islands, Santiago Subway Map and New Netherlands (New York) are exchanged between the two countries as a result of the three wars. 16751676 King Philip’s War is a brutal war fought in New England between English colonists and Native Countrys. While native warriors achieve some success and destroy several colonial towns, the war ends when Metacom, known to the colonists as King Philip, is killed.

1676 Virginian Nathaniel Bacon leads an uprising, known as Bacon’s Rebellion, against the colonial government of Virginia. Under Bacon’s leadership, poor whites, as well as blacks, attempt to overthrow the wealthy elite who dominate Virginia. The rebellion is eventually defeated. 1678 The Popish Plot, a fictitious but widely believed conspiracy of Jesuits to assassinate King Charles II, is fabricated by an Anglican clergyman named Titus Oates. Dozens of Catholics are executed as a result.

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