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When Spain officially ceded present-day Haiti to the French Toledo Metro Map in 1697, yet another important step had been taken in molding Haiti’s strong French cultural character. Toledo Metro Map PLANTATIONS AND SLAVERY French planters were attracted to the new colony by the tropical climate and fertile soils of the coastal plain and river valleys. Initially, tropical plantation crops included cotton, cacao, tobacco, and indigo (a plant that yields blue dye). By the early 1700s, sugarcane and coffee were added to the list of plantation-grown crops. As was true elsewhere in tropical environments, the Europeans had no taste for strenuous, back-breaking labor under the sweltering sun. Early attempts to enslave Amerindians were largely unsuccessful.
Kat made a statement, “You can pull my hair a little bit.” Then the response, “Help me.”

Another voice, “Hope you stay.”

Kat asked, “Are you Mrs. Doherty, the one they call Grandma Doherty?” The answer was “Betty.” So this lady wasn’t Mrs. Helen (Grandma) Doherty.

We began searching for any member of the Doherty family whose named was Betty. We finally came across the 1930 Clare census, and there she was, Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Doherty. She lived in Clare and the records show her living at the Doherty Hotel. At the time of the census, the young lady was fourteen. Perhaps on a future investigation we can direct questions to Betty and discover if it truly is Betty Doherty and why her spirit remains.

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