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A kayak has the appearance of a small and very streamlined canoe. It will go any place a canoe will go, and will often do so faster and more easily. Most kayaks are built to carry a single person. The kayak is propelled and steered using a paddle with a blade at both ends.

A kayak is usually covered on top except for an opening for the occupant. Thus, you’re much more protected and less likely to get swamped than in a canoe. Kayaks do turn over easily, however. It’s important to get some good instruction before trying kayaking in the wilderness.

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In January 1777, delegates representing the various towns of the region met at Westminster. Washington Map Citing the recently held Second Continental Congress at Philadelphia, where the thirteen colonies had declared their independence from Britain, the delegates declared Vermont an independent republic. They went on to declare the arbitrary acts of the crown null and void, which meant that Crown grants to New York and New Hampshire, giving them control over Vermont, were totally dissolved. And they stated that the inhabitants of the region are at present without law or government, and may be truly said to be in a state of nature; consequently, a right remains to the people of said New Hampshire Grants to form a government best suited to secure their property, well being and happiness. The fierce independence of the Vermont settlers continued after the Country Revolution. They maintained their nominal independence from the new United States until they could secure a guarantee that their territory would not be subsumed into New York State. When that assurance was finally made, Vermonters surrendered their claims to full sovereignty and joined the Union as the fourteenth state in 1794.

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