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Do, you like my bedroom, it’s very beauty guru ish. I tried do, you like my face, it’s very lack of makeup. I didn’t try No hello everybody.

And welcome to this post as, you can tell by my lack of makeup that, this is going to be a makeup tutorial. So we’re going to be going through how I do my makeup how.

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I do my hair what. I wear for airplane travel. And more specifically for long haul flights.

I’m talking about flights that are seven hours or more here’s a tutorial for, you now the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to moisturize because the number one thing, you need to know about planes are that they are really dry, this is the claudel moisturizer that. I use always try zing our thing when I take a long haul flight.

I honestly cannot be bothered to pack all my makeup. And take off my makeup reapply my makeup well on the flight mmm. I don’t do it let’s just be honest here.

I don’t do it dad what. I do is make sure that all the makeup that. I’m going to put on my face, it’s going to last a really long time.

So that is our number one goal in step for this makeup tutorial make all of our makeup last a really really long time primers primers primers primers we’re going to using a lot of primers Laura Mercier foundation primer almost there then. I’m gonna take primer number two which is, this is really beautiful stuff all going to put it well specifically around my nose kind of like my t-zone, but on my chin as well is the Tarte Amazonian clay waterproof concealer. And light medium honey.

So. I’m just going to put little dabs left concealer cover up all those disgusting things that like to appear at awkward. And appropriate times.

And then. I put them like. So alright Foundation time the number one foundation that.

I swear by and. I use old on a steep Mac face. And body foundation yeah it comes in this, it’s like a medium coverage um.

I should have this in two different colors because depending on how much a tan. I have will determine how much concealer. I put on my face I’m.

So grateful. And applying this stuff okay. I got a stop baller Timofey.

And now I’ll top it up with my even better bloody brush my hat, this is probably why. I love to act me because. I hands are not the cleanest thing in the entire world, it’s although.

I’m not a pity groove, but hey, you know now let’s do our eyes. So the first thing I’ll do is add primer primer Too Faced shadow insurance. I don’t do actual eye shadow when taking a long-haul flight that’s far too much work.

So we’re just gonna put a tiny little bit because. I do do a winged eyeliner. So.

I’m gonna put just a tiny little bit right there it goes although. I’m not doing a shadow still doing a liner all right. So now eyeliner.

I use the Kat Von D tattoo liner, it’s like um it is a liquid liner, but, it’s like a felt tip liquid liner right now there we go guys just a little bit of a wing tip for my winged flight next up we’ve got more primer. I told, you lots primer guys. So, this is the sillas boost primer from Lancome, it’s a.

I use a whole time. So. I’m just gonna put that on.

So there are two mascaras that. I will always use um. I do kind of vary these up, but right now.

I am in love with these. So it is first off is, this is the Too Faced better than sex mascara it is really really phenomenal scary guys it is really great um, this is not waterproof though. So for a long haul flight.

I don’t really recommend a non waterproof mascara because again we want our mascara to stay on because. I ain’t taking that stuff off oh, this is my waterproof one it is the Hypnose star waterproof by Lancome bilat on my lashes oh now we’ve got our mascara on all right let’s do eyebrows now because yep they need a bit of work now there are two eyebrow pens that. I use kind of religiously.

And that is the Mac ro pencil that’s ones in lingering eye. I will draw my eyebrows. I will go swimming with these.

And they should stay put um the other one that. I’m really in love with right now is the Anastasia brow Wiz once they’re all drawn in. I’m going to use my Anastasia clear brow gel, it’s just going to hold O my eyebrows in place so.

I have beautiful looking eyebrows next we’re going to add some color into our face. So right now. I’m using a Mac blush um, it’s kind of like a matte color.

I have no idea what color Oh mocha mocha Matt does not look mocha to, you. And then we are going to do a bit of contouring with my Anastasia contour kit a little bit of light color under my eyes on my nose. I match it call that part then a little bit of shadow kind of on that part art talked same time make me not look like.

I’ve got a double chin look like. I’ve got cheekbones sure all these magical things happened with contouring. I just do more makeup Victoria larious, it’s good fun at last.

I will finish off with a clear lip gloss this one. I’m using the Claudell lip conditioner because, you came in a pact with my moisturizer. So that’s all.

So there, you go there’s my makeup done as, you can tell, it’s really just very very basic simple makeup that’s meant to just stay let’s move on to here shall we the realistically one up on the flights most of the time. I put end up putting my hair up in like a bun but I do like to wear it down as well so.

We’ll give options um basically all. I do is. I kind of just do a couple quick little straightens through here and.

I will my friend because that’s my biggest thing. I don’t like it like in my face. I’m gonna add a bit of powdering to my hair.

So, this is the got to be powerful it is amazing if you have thin hair and, you want volume your hair just kind of like add a little bit of powder tip it upside down. And like scopa here like this. And it just adds texture.

And volume like volume. I am, it’s amazing oh oh hairspray in closed spaces not good um, but, this is the hairspray use, it’s the big sexy hair big sexy hair hairspray, it’s amazing. I really like it.

So now let’s go over some one things I’d be wearing. So first off first. I do a two layered t-shirt um two layers because, it’s just comfortable and.

I like it um. So one is like a white or black singlet that goes kind of underneath. And then I’ll do like a really baggy playing t-shirt over top that.

I can be comfortable in I’ll also do a sports bra. So I’ll be wearing a sports bra because if. I’m on like a 12 hour 14-hour flight no sports it.

I’m gonna be comfortable my boobs are gonna be comfortable. I also as, you can see have no rings on because. I’m gonna be typing so.

I don’t want to be bothered with any rings. I don’t wear any bracelets because who cares. I do ever put a little a stick on my wrist so.

I can tie my hair up if. I want to UM. I don’t wear any earrings, you can see there because, it’s just gonna get in the way of things there’s no point.

I will however wear like necklaces. I do enjoy some necklaces cuz they make it feel like. I’m not a complete scrub on an airplane, you know.

I’m sayin oh. I got those. And then these are the pants that.

I wear they’re like Mick Jagger pants. I don’t really know what, you call them they’re really comfortable though. And like really light.

And and baggy because comfort guys comfort we’re on a play for like 12 hours come for his key. And the last. I like to top it off with a very nice warm sweater or hoodie or some sort of jumper.

I I don’t like the longer ones because then. I can like wrap up like like this little ball. I also like to make sure that whatever sweater or jump around rigging has a hood oh my gosh guys.

I love having a hood on my jumpers because it just makes me like being able to curl up into little swarm snugly ball. And try to fall asleep if. I’m trying to fall asleep.

And eight hours into my flight what. I’m just like I’m so over that I’m.

So over this. I can just be like peace out peace out guys don’t even go to the top don’t even disturb me, it’s great, you know there we go. I hope, you enjoyed my long-haul flight routine post um if you did please give it a thumbs up.

And let me know down below in the comments oh if there’s anything that, you do differently for your long-haul flights there we go thanks for reading. I will see, you guys again in a few days time with the new post. And don’t forget to comment for more posts like this from me alright well that’s it.

I’m going to go catch my flight now like actually literally. I am going to go catch flight so. ?

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