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One of the paddles wouldn’t unscrew from its shaft; knowing Luoyang Map that my cold hands were useless I put it like that into my rucksack; the shaft Luoyang Map fortunately divides in two so it only stuck out a little and looked mildly peculiar. Noticing a Tibetan woman herding two laden yaks, I hurried over to ask her where I could spend the night. But she ran away from me, chasing her yaks along in front of her. Their bundles, jerrycans and baskets flapped and bounced. My paddle bobbed in pursuit. But she didn’t slacken her pace until I’d given up and she was far away.

St Pauli, Luoyang, one of several houses squatted by artists. Image: M. Miles. societies such as the leisure society or the information society; and agree with him that urbanization is characterized by a diversity of lifestyles, publics and cultural models. Schaefer and Stevens write: The decisive point for us is that the city is appropriated space, that the process of urbanization describes a process of appropriation’ (Park Fiction 2006). They then adopt Lefebvre’s analysis of urban power at three levels: Level G (the global) denotes institutional power, in which cities may be subjugated to the instrumentalism of the market; Level M (intermediary) denotes the streets, squares and major buildings of urban space, between institutions and living spaces; and Level P denotes a realm of dwelling where – unconventionally – trajectories for urban change begin. Revolution does not begin among sociologists, planners or architects because institutional ties prevent it. Hence, [i]nstead the revolution of the cities will start from dwelling places. The city becomes a subject’ (Park Fiction 2006). They continue:

The city must turn from an object into a subject. It should no longer be the object of change effected by powers adverse to it . but the subject of change – meaning that it should develop the direction out of itself and become the actor. How can this be conceived? The revolution begins at home.

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