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316 Newbury St. Boston; (617) 267-1817 Dining cheap on Newbury Street?

It’s true. If you don’t need all those pretentious cafes with prices to match, Steve’s is the place in this neighborhood. Most dinner platters are in the $6-to-$8 range, including gyros, souvlaki, moussaka, falafel, and various shish kebabs. Each comes as a packed plate with plenty of meat plus a Greek salad, rice, and pita bread.

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At the top end of the wood a final pull up a cone of hill lands the walker at the prominent trig point of Castle Hill (155m/508ft), the highest part of Bar Hill (and of the whole defensive system) and, naturally, a superb viewpoint. On a clear day both Forth and Clyde waters can be seen, and the hills to the north are spread in fine array beyond the ever-expanding sprawl of Kilsyth. (The summit has traces of an Iron Age fort.) Wend on through open woodland, left rather than straight ahead, to arrive on top of Bar Hill, where the outline of the Roman fort has been preserved. The setting is splendid, with the view to the Campsies running westwards to the dip of the Blane and then on to the Kilpatrick Hills, and with the spread of Cumbernauld and Glasgow a contrast to the south. The site is well explained. When the Romans departed, all manner of things were thrown down to choke the well (a treasure trove for archaeologists) including the winding gear of the well itself, an altar, weapons, tools, ballista balls, over 20 columns, bases and capitals from the headquarters building, pottery and much else, all preserved till dug out in the 20th century. (Some finds are in the museum at Kirkintilloch, others in Edinburgh.) Bar Hill Fort is unusual in being sited back from the wall, so the Military Way passes between fort and wall/ditch. Another notice board, down to the right (north-west), explains the ruins of the separate bath-house and latrines.

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