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Take a trip 19km off WA’s coastline near Perth to visit a piece of paradise. Rottnest Island is a must-see holiday destination, with its 63 beaches and 20 bays, crystal-clear water and pristine reefs. Add the volume of wildlife packed onto this tiny island, and it’s truly worth a trip.

In the water, there are bottlenose dolphins and a colony of New Zealand fur seals. On land, it’s easy to take a happy snap of a quokka – a super-friendly little macropod native to the island. Just remember it’s illegal to touch them.

Birdwatchers, keep an eye out for wedgetailed shearwaters, ospreys and pelicans.

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The Basin, one of Rottnest’s 63 beaches

Australian Credit Licence 229500

Words Darren Wells; photography Alamy, Stocksy.

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