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Zenobe Gramme in Chandler

Zenobe Theophile Gramme was a Belgian inventor and electrical engineer. He was born in Amay, Belgium, near Liege, to an affluent family. As a youth he was attracted to the mechanical, hands-on world of carpentry and cabinet making and then drifted into electricity and physics. By 1867 he had patented a method to improve the functionality of dynamos and motorized electrical devices. He continued to experiment on ways to make larger electrical motors since, at the time, they were only used for small toys and in laboratories. In 1870 he founded a company in Paris with Hyppolite Fontaine to produce machines magneto-electriques. Gramme’s most notable achievement was the Gramme dynamo, in 1871. Gramme continued inventing and developing electrical devices throughout his long life. In 1888 he won the 50,000-franc ($250,000 in today’s dollars) Volta Prize (Alexander Graham Bell won the Volta Prize in 1880 for the telephone). As tribute to their native son, L’Institut Gramme, a high school in Liege, Belgium, is named after him Zenobe Theophile Gramme is seated in his chair high atop a red granite pedestal holding a Gramme ring, a type of armature design he pioneered. The bronze statue was crafted by Mathurin Moreau (1822-1912).

Greffulhe Mausoleum in Chandler

The Greffulhe Mausoleum was the first large-scale family mausoleum built in Pere-Lachaise. Constructed in 1810, it houses the remains of generations of the Greffulhe family. The mausoleum’s first permanent resident was Jean-Louis Greffulhe (1774-1820), who was a banker and philanthropist. Pere-Lachaise architect Alexandre-Theodore Brongniart designed the mausoleum in the Neo-Gothic (stripped-down Gothic) style. The Greffulhe Mausoleum was originally designed as the centerpiece of Pere-Lachaise and held onto that designation for over a decade since the larger Pere-Lachaise chapel would not be built until 1823. The Greffulhe Mausoleum became the template for numerous mausoleums in Europe and the United States.

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