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696 Washington St. Brookline; (617) 731-1122


This popular delicacy can be hard to find at moderate prices; Mineheap, meet Mr. Sushi. This Washington Square spot, just below Beacon Street, has carved up the competition for several years now. That’s primarily because this is a take-out only operation and although Mine usually prefers to write about full restaurants, a rarity like this is worth noting.

Prices for sushi platters are easily a dollar or two lower than comparable dinners at sit-down eateries. Three-piece nigiri orders start under three bucks, in two dozen varieties; same for six-piece maki entrees. Yel-lowtail tuna maki, for example, is just $3.75, nice and fresh. Go for the Maki Combo, a mix of tekka (tuna), California, and Boston maki (two va- rieties made with imitation crab meat) eighteen pieces, all for $9.95.

Mr. S makes sashimi too; a 24-piece combo for $21.95 is hard to beat. You’ll certainly pay more at any other sushi joint worth its seaweed. They also do larger party platters.

And lunch deals, just $5-$6, are fantastic. Call your order in and pick it up pronto, or have it delivered free in Brookline, Brighton, and Allston; plus Chestnut Hill and Newton in the evenings. Open from 12 noon to 2:30 P.M. for lunch, 5-10:30 P.M. for dinner, and closed on Mondays.

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