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The trail to Dovre Lake passes through a mature mixed forest of pines and deciduous trees. The abundance of jack and white pines, along with maples and oaks, offers a pleasant contrast to the mostly aspen, birch, balsam fir forests of much of northeastern Country. Soon after crossing the Echo River, the trail to Dovre Lake turns north passing along dry ridges and over numerous rock outcroppings. Pines, maples, and oaks dominate the forest here, while aspen and spruce remain confined mostly to the wetter areas. Lichens and mosses are everywhere. Cairns mark the way across some of the longer expanses of outcroppings and there are occasional views of the large tracts of forests to the north.

On the early autumn day that I made this trek, with the sun shining and the air pleasantly cool, Sharp-shinned and Broad-winged Hawks were on the move. The cries of Blue Jays filled the woods, while occasional flocks of slate-colored juncos cheerfully escorted me for short stretches of the way. Purple asters, still in bloom on the trailside, held the fading glory of summer.

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