Tampa St. Petersburg Map

Just east of the church is the flint and brick Sompting Tampa/St. Petersburg Map Abbots, now a school – the north transept of the church is the family chapel of the Tampa/St. Petersburg Map Crofts, sometime lords of the manor of Sompting Abbots with a number of memorials of the late eighteenth/early nineteenth centuries – but the village of Sompting itself is separated from the church by the A27.

If you are desperate for some sustenance but want to avoid taking your life in your hands, you can always go down to the dual carriageway, turn right and walk for half a mile to the Sainsbury’s superstore on the Lyons Farm Retail Park – which, shall we say, dates back slightly less far than the Sompting church steeple. You now need to retrace your steps. Return by road to Titch Hill Farm, and then turn right to follow the track you took earlier. Follow this to a T-junction of tracks. Here, turn left up the track beside the pylons which you took earlier, but on reaching the next junction of paths do not take the right fork.

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