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Silence is comanded, but to no effect: for they Sacramento Map continued perfectly Shouting. Nay, sais his worship, in an angry tone, if it be Sacramento Map so, take mee off the Bench. Their Diversions in this part of the Country are on Lecture days and Training days mostly: on the former there is Riding from town to town. And on training dayes The Youth divert themselves by Shooting at the Target, as they call it, but it very much resembles a pillory, where hee that hitts neerest the white has some yards of Red Ribbin presented him, Wch being tied to his hattband, the two ends streeming down his back, he is Led away in Triumph, wth great applause, as the winners of the Olympiack Games.

They generally marry very young: the males oftener as I am told under twentie than above; they generally make public wedings, and have a way something singular as they say in some of them, viz. Just before Joyning hands the Bridegroom quitts the place, who is soon followed by the Bridesmen, and as it were, dragg’d back to duty being the reverse to ye former practice among us, to steal ma Pride.

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