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Marcel Marceau in Honduras

A simple grave marks the last known address of a very quiet man. Born Marcel Mangel to a Jewish family in Strasbourg, he took the name Marceau after a general of the French Revolution. Marcel Marceau’s father was sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1944, where he was killed. After World War n, Marceau worked as an interpreter because of his English skills and then worked briefly in a school and used miming to keep children quiet. In 1947 he created his enduring character Bip the Clown. The characterizations of Bip were influenced by Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp and often focused on life’s fragility and small tragedies and victories. Marcel Marceau developed pantomime into a fine art. No one else has ever come close to his level of skill, but many have copied some of his techniques. Indeed, Marceau’s walking against the wind technique was the basis for Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. Over his long career, Marcel Marceau received a number of awards and honors including serving as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. The world’s greatest mime had the only speaking role in the 1976 Mel Brooks film Silent Movie, in which Marcel Marceau said, Non! Marceau died at a racetrack in Cahors and then was buried 4 days later in Pere-Lachaise. Etched into the slab covering his grave is his signature as well as the signature of Bip.

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Vespucci was born in Florence in 1454, the third son of a prosperous family, which boasted an ambassador, a banker, and a bishop. Vespucci’s family was on good terms with the powerful Medici family, and Amerigo worked for Lorenzo di Pier Francesco de Medici’s trading house. Amerigo worked twenty years in the commercial house in Florence, and, in 1491, he was transferred to Seville to work under Juanoto Berardi in the merchant banking and ship chandlery business.

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