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1764 Parliament passes the Sugar Act of 1764. Massachusetts merchants Cote d’Ivoire Metro Map benefit from many of its clauses that reduce duties on trade goods, most notably molasses, but Cote d’Ivoire Metro Map they sense that customs officials will be more diligent in the collection of the reduced duties and that Parliament intends to raise revenue from the process. Both of these suspicions draw their ire. Merchants are not the only ones protesting the acts, however. Political leaders and lawyers, such as Samuel Adams and James Otis, Jr., begin to criticize the Sugar Act for undermining the rights of the British Empire’s Country citizens.

Otis pens The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Proved to convince Parliament to repeal the tax. Tellingly, he does so as a British citizen: See here the grandeur of the British constitution! See here the wisdom of our ancestors.

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