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That better arrangements may be made for the production of cattle Albuquerque Metro Map , both great and small, the Governor shall at once exert himself to obtain a good breed Albuquerque Metro Map of cattle of all kinds, and especially of that which is sent out from this country, and also seek to obtain a supply from the neighboring English, dividing everything with those who will use and employ it in agriculture in exchange for seed, and with such prudence as he shall find most serviceable to the members of the Company. 14. Among and above other things, he shall direct his attention to sheep, to obtain them of good kinds, and, as soon as may be, seek to arrange as many sheep-folds as he conveniently can, so that presently a considerable supply of wool of good quality may be sent over to this country.

The peltry-trade with the natives he shall, also, so far as possible, seek to sustain in a good state, exercise a careful inspection of all engaged in it, prevent all frauds in established commissions, and take care that Her Royal Majesty and her subjects, and the members of the Company, may have reason to expect good returns for their cargoes. In like manner, he shall provide that no other persons whatever be permitted to traffic with the natives in peltries; but this trade shall be carried on only by persons thereto appointed in the name of the whole Company, and in its ways.

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