Flamenco Beach

Located in Culebra, Puerto Rico, Flamenco Beach is one of the most-visit beaches in the territory. Flamenco Beach is renowned for its beauty white sand beach, cool blue waters and a host of water sports to satisfy the sun worshippers and adrenaline junkies. Tourists looking for a laid-back beaching experience opt to visit Flamenco Beach for it is devoid of commercial businesses like casinos, clubs and bars. What it has are small hotels to accommodate longer stays and just few businesses to provide beach services. Flamenco Beach is known for its gentler waves since it is protected by a cove.

It is mostly ideal for snorkelers and swimmers opting for shallower waters. If not swimming, guests may enjoy a refreshing lunch or go camping at the beach. Walking along the stretch of the beach may find you at awe of the rusting tanks along the shores. In 1975, the US Navy left these tanks after being used for testing. Sea water has caused the rust but the locals took the joy of beautifying them with graffiti. These tanks have become a prominent feature at Flamenco Beach. Getting to Flamenco Beach is fairly easy. There’s a ferry service from Fajardo that takes less than two hours while small planes can bring guests to the beach coming from Luis Munoz Marin, Ceiba and Isla Grande airports.

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