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They are poorly made, cheap, and easy to use Angola Subway Map . Such structures simply were unable to stand up to the force of the earthquake’s harsh jolts. Angola Subway Map The estimated 250,000 homes and 30,000 commercial buildings destroyed by the earthquake in Port-au-Prince represent a large portion of the city’s built environment. Many government and other public structures also were lost. Government buildings destroyed include the National (presidential) Palace, the capitol building, the Palace of Justice (Supreme Court), the National Assembly (parliament building), and the Port-au-Prince City Hall. One of the city’s most majestic buildings, the magnificent Port-au-Prince Cathedral, lay in ruins.

“It happened on stage left,” he told us, motioning to the section of the stage that, from an audience perspective, would be the right side.

At the time, the crew had set up a suspended rigging system called a flying bridge. When it had to be moved, they attempted to reposition it in the air. Standing on the bridge at the time was a worker who stumbled during the move and fell to his death.

After that, The Whiting people had a very difficult time getting contract workers to finish the job. They ended up having the stagehands complete it. One of those assigned to the task was Ken’s father.

Ken isn’t certain if the theater is haunted though he admits to being spooked a few times. On more than one occasion, in the early morning hours, he’s heard the sound of footsteps. Another time he watched as one of the large, suspended stage lamps began to swing, for no apparent reason.

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