It is such a nice day today we had a lovely sleep in this Accord buster it is do we slept in we needed it we now feel so much better, and we are heading to a castle called castle oh right only just up the road from our state.

So you’re gonna go check it out Weasley it has 90 rooms, and like 30 bathrooms something. So they’re gonna need a look at this. Because we actually have never been inside class yay we came past his castle on that bus tour we did the other day stiva toward the camera for me. Because amazing I feel like, I’m on the Travel Show right now guys I think they told us is surrounding the car Solaris brick wall here with all these stones, and supposedly the guy he didn’t have to take all these stones up himself. Because we’re like right on the other end of the city. So what is it is you please anyone they wanted at Gloria rocks up via dollar, I’m thinking now like every time you see a rock you like that was a dollar like you paid people have don’t look for up to bring it up here, and then he made is bit more fun first fun fact of the day of probably me did you want to explain the actual fun fact, and how this was made, and why it was made I don’t really remember that we’ll find out in the okay cool guys you know you tune in to fly in the nests for all the correct fun facts see, I’m trying hard I write in terms sometimes I’ve been trying to actually go Wikipedia getting a couple extra fun facts in there hopefully they replicate you we found ourselves across oh no oh. So it says Lima Casa Loma Casa Loma Casa we are here whoa that is a big hassle our first ever castle experiencing, and it’s here in Canada never would have thought out have it here get behind hi come in, and eat cops of time did them in with no answer we’re in they let us in that’s kind of cold they posted some of the scenes for one of our favorite movies yeah all these movies you just realize that feeling lost a ship here I guess Canada’s MasterChef my god that’s so cold sure you guys, I’m starting to plate if you win somehow happens they pull it out, and the camera go wrong I love Australia I used to be.


So cool we won’t think through the middle of food in the library remember gonna go into the boardroom, and then we’re gonna go to the test hmm wow this place looks really pretty. But Carly in the conservatory I don’t even realize that these are like real words I always thought was just a cleaner thing. But the roof is amazing look at that get that hair raised who judging guys I know it needs to see a castle. But I can’t stop reading the people in MasterChef every time we see balcony, I’m just like Styria I find it. So interesting Mikasa was huge over 90 rooms really really big I don’t feel like to kill them in a billiard room yeah I can’t believe they were literally called the billiard room the conservatory I didn’t know the real I don’t know why you even go in the castle, I’m pretty sure you’re outside reading MasterChef oh sorry interesting it was so so interesting um well now, I’m not too sure what we’re gonna do well walk around see what happens we are now hurry I mean it’s currently seven o’clock at night we have been doing some work, and I was like we here Steven hey guys yeah it’s already in the book we wanted to go up to a cafe. But.

Because we’re quite far out at the city now. Because we’re staying near that castle in my place everything closes at 6:00 cuz it’s not really in the city. But it’s busy. So if we wanted to go to the city it’s like an hour walk yep. So the time we’ve got the b2 doctor come back yes. So we kind of wanted to go to that snakes, and lattes place we walked past. But if we walked all the way there it would probably be like closing time.

So I think we’re gonna have a night in yeah I think we’re going to maybe make some dinner watch a movie after we’ve done some work I feel, I’m gonna go, and have a shower, and tomorrow a lot a lot a lot of you guys have told us actually the number one place that people meeting I used to go to in Toronto is Kensington Market which we are going to tomorrow on like a little to us we’ll see you I think like a two-hour tour we’ll see the market, and then we might stay, and have some lunch there are some things that said at 11:00 tomorrow. So else on a plus tomorrow we should be good, and we get to see Kensington Market, I’m so excited cuz. So many of you guys are told us to go see it. So we’re hoping it is good it’s like the number one thing that you guys have been recommending us to do, and online, and pressure better be good for you, I’m gonna shower now oh let me finish in the post um good work yes oh we just finished reading insurgent insurgents yeah it was okay I liked it I liked it okay until the end II it’s very confusing all right are we gonna go to bed it’s like 11:00 ham yeah cuz we got the Canadian market tour tomorrow the 110 zankan chasing fun the Kensington Market the Kensington Market oh yeah really good sounds good by.

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