Amazing Bucket List Experiences in London

With Easter just around the corner, people from all around the world are flocking to beautiful London to enjoy the amazing Easter cheer that seems to radiate just about everywhere you go. Whether your vacation plans to see you staying in a hotel room, at some resort, or even if it is a typical family-friendly housetrip, there are certain experiences that should definitely make it onto your bucket list during your festive adventures around the icy cold streets of London. Here are two of the best places you should definitely try to visit.

The London Eye

When it comes to exploring the third largest city in Europe, one of the best places to start is definitely at the extremely popular London Eye. This breathtakingly tall Ferris wheel takes you a whopping 135 metres up, offering some truly magnificent views of the city. Due to the fact that the Eye is such a popular tourist location, expect to stand in queues, although thanks to the fact that the structure consists of 32 capsules, the queues do move rather quickly. The nifty little screens within each capsule easily displays the major landmarks that are in sight, making it possible for everyone to know exactly what they are looking at while up in the air.

The London Zoo

This is a definite must see place for animal lovers of all ages. With over eighteen separate areas, including the Gorilla Kingdom, Into Africa, The Reptile House and even an exciting penguin enclosure, you are guaranteed an entire day of fun. Upon arrival you will be handed a map of the zoo, along with a schedule for the day. Throughout the day, at set locations, there will be a number of different interactive activities that are perfect for learning more about the beautiful wildlife that our world has to offer.

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