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Andre-Marie Ampere was one of the founders of what is called classical electromagnetism. He achieved a measure of immortality when a term for electrical power was named after him: the ampere or amp. Simply put, watts divided by volts equals amps. Or, amps times volts equals watts. Despite Ampere’s notoriety and success, his personal life was one of tragedy. His father, Jean-Jacques Ampere, was guillotined during the French Revolution. In 1796 he met and fell in love with Julie Carron, married her in 1799 after securing a regular job, and then she died in 1803. Reportedly, when he was on his deathbed, he requested that his gravestone be etched with the words, tandem felix (happy at last). He shares space on the gravestone with his son, Jean-Jacques Ampere (1800-1864).

Romantic composer Hector Berlioz is best known for his compositions Symphonie fantastique and Grande messe des morts (Grand mass for the dead). A consummate showman, he performed some of his concerts with over one thousand musicians. Symphonie fantastique, which has five movements, is widely recognized as his most outstanding work. In his early and mid career he made a significant amount of his income writing musical criticism. In his later years he became very much in demand and earned a good living, but he was not a happy man. In 1864 he wrote, I am in my 61 st year; past hopes, past illusions, past high thoughts and lofty conceptions. My son is almost always far away from me. I am alone. My contempt for the folly and baseness of mankind, my hatred of its atrocious cruelty, has never been so intense. And I say hourly to Death: When you will’. Why does he delay? His spirits rallied briefly when he began corresponding with a long ago love, but she told him his love would be unrequited since she was married. He finally succumbed after a stroke, reportedly saying, Enfin, on va jouer ma musique ” (At last, they are going to play my music). He is buried with his two wives, Harriet Smithson, who died in 1854, and Marie Recio, who died in 1862. Both women had been buried elsewhere and were exhumed and re-buried next to him In 2003, the bicentenary of Berlioz’s birth, a campaign was launched to have him moved to the Pantheon, but President Jacques Chirac blocked the move in part because of Berlioz’s opposition to the republic. Berlioz criticized the 1848 revolution, saying that the current incarnation of France was an odious and stupid republic. Berlioz’s original badly eroded gravestone was replaced by a polished black granite tomb in 1970.

Connecticut, however, continued to use pikes until the end of the period, and pikes remained in use solely for ceremonial purposes for many years. Henderson Subway MapThe development of weapons in Europe and the colonies began to diverge as demand met the very real needs of the colonists and explorers. The sword was replaced with the hatchet or tomahawk, and the dagger changed into an all-purpose knife, instead of the rather specialized types so popular in Europe. The use of lances was only popular in the Spanish colonies, and the halberd and partisan became useful only as symbols of rank. With a few exceptions such as Connecticut, the pike was not widely used as a weapon in the colonies. Although many weapons originally came to the colonies from Europe, the colonists were years ahead of Europeans in the development and use of firearms. This was especially true of the rifle, a new type of weapon that better fitted the actual needs of the Country people. Arthur E. Chapman See also: Army, British; Military and Diplomatic Affairs (Chronology); Military and Diplomatic Affairs (Essay); Militias; Navy, British; Technology; War.

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