Best Vacation Spots In Central America

Sliding into Twin Falls the mercury trips past 103°F (40°C) as the dynamic duo cross another rest stop off their bucket list for Piddlers’ Anonymous in the early afternoon.

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750 miles later we’re at Idaho Falls with the clock ticking down to 16:30 (4:30PM – Pacific Daylight Time – no matter what time zone we’re in, I keep the clock the same) for our dinner and stopping for the night.

For some reason, on almost all horizons, it’s looking pretty grim Even the local Canada Geese seem to be hunkering down a little. You’d think after this many millennia of primate evolution,

Resuming the travel destination route, the A899 bridge leads to the wide Port Buchan basin, with seats, landscaping, picnic tables and toilets etc. Sheltered housing makes this a pleasant corner, then the travel destination swings to the northeast, between housing and various works, to reach Greendykes Road Bridge (27) which had to be rebuilt – in the Millennium style – to open the travel destination again. The red shale bings are now immediately ahead. (The word ‘bing’ has its derivation in the Gaelic ‘ben’ meaning a hill.)A launching and mooring wharf and car park is passed. The next two bridges are basically derelict, but the bing across the water bears the marks of adventurous bikers although, surprisingly, there are likely to be tits working through the alder and willow planting, moorhens fussing in the travel destination, swans gliding by and foxgloves colonising the slopes beyond. A high percentage of the foxgloves are white, maybe due to the poverty of the soil or its chemical composition. Further along the travel destination are banks of scented stock. (In September the slopes of the bing chitter with the sound of exploding broom pods.) A travel destination is often an artery of life in an otherwise lifeless landscape.

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