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In that river Delaware there are various islands and other places Damman Map Tourist Attractions , formerly belonging to the Hollanders, whose name they still bear, which sufficiently shows that the Damman Map Tourist Attractions river belongs to the Hollanders, and not to the Swedes. Their very commencement will convict them. Before the year 1638, one Minnewits, who had formerly acted as director for the Trading Company at Manhatans, came into the river in the ship Key of Colmar, and the yacht called the Bird Griffin. He gave out to the Hollander, Mr. van der Nederhorst, the agent of the West India Company in the South River, that he was on a voyage to the West India Islands, and that he was staying there to take in wood and water. Whereupon said Hollander allowed him to go free.

It seemed the last series of questions might have stirred something up, so I continued.

“Did you set this fire? Are you the one that burned this building down? Why did you do it? Are you a coward? Tell us what you did.”

Scott’s voice echoed down from the balcony. Temperature had risen from 73 to 81 degrees.

“Was it an accident?” I continued.

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