How are, you feeling today yeah are, you finally like unsick a pipe where we go for breakfast our cafe you’ve been there a few times transport car has arrived.

And. I’m signing out here from The Bachelor sweet peace out dude Bali hopefully next one yeah time to go to port fartin which. I am just.

So excited to get there alright, this is the ride Jamie and. I are cruising in style here, it’s beautiful. And we were able to rent this out for a total of it was 3,500.


So that’s roughly about 70 US dollars how far is it to port barton how many hours four hours four hours. And that’s the same price. I paid to get from Manila Airport to our hotel yeah which was like what 15 gonna drop how about that yeah.

So both the same update at the beginning of the trip to get four hours. I didn’t let Jamie. And ago she had this one two hours into the ride.

So far. I think we got another two hours to go, it’s been four-hour headed total if you could do the math do plus two equals four minus one is three in quick math attempting to read this book here, but. I’m getting a little bit sick.

I got to put it down. I’ve been reading this fantastic book though, it’s called the problem of God, you guys don’t already know. I’m Christian.

I go to church back home in Canada when I’m home. And my pastor is a phenomenal that’s actually the book he released.

And if you’re ever curious I’ll actually have the post format of that book linked below, you can check it out because he does all of his sermons online they’re all professionally done, it’s really really awesome, it’s super relatable when I grew up like. I went to many churches and.

So much of it was just like listening to my 65 year old guy read out of a Bible. And for me there was no relatability there was no connection. I would love to share that with, you guys if that’s something you’re remotely interested in.

I’m gonna try to sleep away my headache right now because. I’m getting a little nauseous. And vlogging is not helping.

So today we’re taking some rough roads right now would be a great understatement these are rural roads like our cars currently slipping around on the mud. And like single lane in some parts, it’s crazy, this is gonna be interesting guys. I mean.

I don’t even know what to expect. I know, it’s a quiet town. I know, it’s a very beautiful beach with sea turtles.

And, it’s kind of like the up-and-coming place here in Palau, but other than that like. I really don’t know, it’s gonna be me exploring it with, you guys. I’m excited about that, you know, it’s always cool to return places, but there’s something about seeing something for the first time.

And we’re about to experience that together, this is one of the worst roads. I’ve ever taken in my life. So we’ve just been dropped off booked to place it was 45 us for the night, it’s like their families meet so.

I think, it’s gonna be a bit of a big room which will be nice unnecessary, but it was all they had left welcome Dualla son help me. I’m dying well, this is it guys we’ve arrived and. I feel like.

I’m being too loud even just vlogging, it’s very quiet here like a lot of people just reading books. And eating watermelons, it’s like what are they doing with their lives don’t they have things to do, this is why people come here, it’s a very laid-back chill vibes kind of place hey let’s see that big baller living what’s go Chee oh my gosh look at the mural holy. I’m bringing sexy back yeah it smells good to do.

So. I’m low-key dying here. I’ve been trying to upload this post for the past 6 days it was not possible el nido palawan, it’s notoriously bad for Wi-Fi speeds.

I’ve been trying to like hotspot with my phone and, you know use hotel’s Wi-Fi when I can, but, it’s always disconnecting it always goes a little bit. And then it just shuts off completely and.

I’ve had to restart this upload twice now, it’s driving me crazy oh my gosh. I cannot wait to get this post up though no shirts no shoes it still get serviced. So Jamie clearly doesn’t get this lifestyle, it’s tarps optional, but he missed the memo.

I don’t want to make, you feel bad oh that’s it that’s what it is. So we’re gonna walk down the beach go get some food just enjoy life, you know, this is a very very calm place like. I feel like the fact that.

I haven’t uploaded a post in 6 days doesn’t even matter right now actually probably in 7 days I’ll talk about it. So when I’m in Southeast Asia.

And. I’m at like a decently nice restaurant. I like to order chicken cordon bleu.

And what’s inside of it is actually like a cheesy formula, it’s like really nice. And cushy inside. I’m probably not selling this and, this is why.

I don’t have a Cooking Channel, but paired with it some more gushy mashed potatoes which. I’m gonna smush together with my chicken cordon bleu fancy just Natalie’s British families British ale chips where’s your teammate hey that’s Aussie or, this is just absolutely marvelous saxophone beats that’s pretty much what this place is all about. I’ve been uploading for two hours now managed to get my post from a hole 70% uploaded, it’s a 73 life is good, it’s officially guys.

I just want to cry. I was 75% uploaded. And, it’s just gone to zero.

So reset the upload there’s nothing, you can do but. I’ve had this happen before, it’s when you’ve reattempt it to upload the same post multiple times like if you disconnect from the internet. And then try again then disconnect.

And then try again it usually keeps count, but sometimes it’ll just reset back to zero and. I ran out of luck palawan, you are making me stressed. I’m gonna have gray hairs by the age of 30 anyways because of my dad but.

I think. I think it could happen by 27 three things are going here if you can tell already by the vibe of this vlog, this is port barton guys. I mean people come here to chill they bring books they play board games they eat dinner by candlelight tables.

I mean, it’s pretty awesome. I gotta say when you’re staying at a beach resort. And the Sun sets it pretty much feels like at the end of the day, it’s time to go to bed like.

I could sleep by 8 p.m. if.

I didn’t have work to do. And also. I think we lose our power in less than an hour because they cut it at 12:00 which is not ideal.

I would like to have my a c running through the night. So. I’m gonna hopefully fall asleep before that cuts out and.

I won’t even notice I’ll just wake up to a really warm muggy room beautiful mornings starting in Port Barton and. I’ve just met some friends what’s up friends hey, you guys are from Manila saying goodbye here to port barton a very beautiful quiet calm sleepy place to come hang out especially great if you’re a couple for Jaime and. I, you know he was a little low-key but.

I definitely see who, it’s for. And, it’s a beautiful place four hundred. And fifty pesos three hours to puerto princesa we don’t have our own private shuttle that’s more than okay we’ve arrived that was about a three three-and-a-half hour ride oh my gosh they pack us.

So tightly in there it was crazy at some points. And those babies started crying. And then the road got rocky.

And then we were like sliding around in the mud and. I actually sent out a few messages. I put an Instagram story up.

And a Facebook post up announcing that we were going to be doing a meet-up tonight at the ILS Center in Cebu City usually there’s at least 24 hours notice this one there’s gonna be like four hours five hours notice all right. So once again we were the final boarding goal that’s like our tradition here. I know every play we don’t get on until they’re calling last call Oh have, you ever final winner congratulations normally when, you come fly in the Philippines there’s often delays but.

I’ve been like four for four or five to five on my flights all been ahead of schedule. And again. I’m flying with super PAC pretty stoked success we have landed here in Cebu.

I didn’t expect to be coming here to Cebu, but just the way the flights worked Cebu Pacific was able to send us through Cebu City. And from Cebu City tomorrow we’re going to be flying all the way to Shar gal what. I’m probably most excited about on this entire trip this trip was about seeing new things.

And for me the must-see new place was char go. I know a little bit about it. I know, it’s one of the up-and-coming places just like port barton, but, it’s got a lot more going on the port barn.

So before any fan, you know, you got to make sure, you got the right nutrients to power, you through it Jamie’s got a couple big bites do, you know do, you know one direction, you know one direction right he’s in one direction hi yellow center yeah let’s do it pile in the back here we go yeah hi Ella center all right let’s do it here we go. I think they kind of oversold our limo, but described a little differently in the website, but Jamie booked it he negotiated this thing only $100 to actually 200 this gives a jeepney if you are familiar you’re new to the Philippine series, this is how most people get around the Philippines, it’s very affordable my head window before. I lose it go the entire 15 20 minutes of this thing is gonna cross the smoke 15 cents u.

s. each value buh-bye no bye come again so. I don’t know.

I’ve been waiting here for a good half an hour. And no one’s showing up, it’s really disappointing so. I think Jaime and.

I are just gonna call. And head home what’s up guys, this is amazing it’s so great to see.

So many awesome faces here in Cebu City and, this is technically my first ever meetup. I’ve had one that was like kind of informal, but, this is the first ever. So thank you.

So much several he just showed up, it’s always appreciated what’s your phone background oh, you want to see my phone bye guys yeah now gang of eight. I had put that up on my Instagram store. I was like if you guys want a background like feel free to screenshot we’ve got all these people we showed up like home.

I want to introduce, you to one of the guys who showed up tonight, this is Mike what’s up everybody how’s it going. And Mike has actually moved here to mock town area Cebu City. And you’re a blogger correct yeah.

I’ve been trying to do word of the day in every post today we have a word, it’s so. I just talked Christian kilala, you how I keel Allah.

And love you’re famous here the Philippines kilala is famous monarch is chicken salad – thank, you check me out Michael Sorrentino on blog appreciate it. So many more people to meet, this is amazing. I just noticed some who showed up that.

I recognized because he DM me saying he was all the way in malapascua which if. I remember correctly that’s four hours north, but four hours if the traffic good yeah, but it never it wasn’t good so. I took him longer that means in vloggers, you know.

I could see so much of me in your post EF was at 5:30, it’s currently have we been here for two hours two hours. I’ve been smiling.

And taking photos for two hours my cheeks are just solid like yeah constant smile behind each. And every single one of those selfies was somebody who came across the blog decided to stick around. And comment.

And become part of team get lost thank, you thank, you thank, you to every single one of, you that came out tonight thank, you to everyone who couldn’t make it, but wanted to like honestly the blog is nothing without, you guys. And it was. So cool tonight to get to meet at least a couple hundred of, you get to put faces behind the numbers faces behind the Philippines support team that’s been.

So incredible for this blog got so much love for this country the people in it thank, you thank, you. And Jaime how was your first ever Meetup that was unbelievable.

I was not expecting to take that many bows that many people everybody here is. So nice and. So supportive, it’s just absolutely amazing.

I was just given a dream catcher what’s her name. I really appreciate that okay see. I thought that.

I only help Christian in one of his posts apparently. I also get in close if you’ve ever been shopping with a female it takes forever then, you know what, it’s like shopping the Christian, you went in there with about six shirts they’re all the same fit the same size he’s trying on every single one look at these shorts they’re sort of Christian stop, it’s it’s okay with it knows they don’t even have a medium and. I like this sweater the world isn’t fair you’re not gonna get your Ferrari if you keep acting like this in Christian.

I knew you’re all. I want is my burrito right now and, you went back into the change room for like the fourth son struggle, it’s real, you put it all in do, you think thanks man is this your first time take good care of him Canada yeah yeah you’re driving Toronto he can do wheelies. I’m afraid salamat have a good night if you’re one of those people who are looking for the adventure of a lifetime, you are in luck because.

I’ve actually made an entire travel post guide just for, you it gives, you all the information, you could ever need on the must-see locations the hidden gems everything from packing your bags to safety. And even how to save money on your trip to the Philippines make sure to check out the link down below in the description of this here post and, you can check out the completely free 5 hot tips to the Philippines it will be a great head start for your trip. And guys if you’re new to my blog a huge welcome.

I would invite, you to hit that comment button become part of the blog. And let’s get lost again in the next one. ?

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