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Always plumb the depth with great care for roach. A good starting point is a bait just about touching the bottom – but there is a world of difference between ‘about right’ and absolutely spot-on.

The list of baits and methods that catch roach is a long one, but the key to all successful roach fishing is feeding the swim intelligently. canal fishing tips beginners Little and often is the golden rule if you hope to keep the interest of a shoal. In the warmer months especially, an enjoyable way to fish is to build the swim in this fashion.

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A balanced rig which gives a slow, even fall of the bait will catch roach both ‘on the drop’ as well as nearer the deck. If you want quantity, a steady stream of maggots or pinkies and possibly some groundbait is a good way to proceed. But how do you pick off the better samples?

Match anglers often get the best of both worlds by fishing two or more different areas (or ‘lines’) in the swim. The better fish may eventually arrive along with the smaller samples on maggots, but a more certain method is to feed judiciously with more selective baits. canal fishing tactics The appearance of real ‘dog roach’, to refer to these giants by their less than glamorous nickname, are fish to savour on light tackle, or transform your fortunes should you be fishing a match.

Liquidised bread explodes into tiny particles on impact – a fantastic way to attract roach in clear water.

Above: Double caster. Right: A larger ‘dog ’ roach is a fish to make any canal angler happy.

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