Hey everybody we are now leaving to go to Jasper I think mm okay seriously at Johnston Canyon, and it’s about a 20-minute fight, and we’re gonna go see someone who knows waterfalls all the way here we saw a moose. But it was too far away a proto, and a bear an affair was like this on the right we’ve never seen a wild bear or moose sit over crisp in the air. But it’s all worth there’s this little river coming through yeah is this turquoise the SC quite nice if you could watch from a rock through yeah it’s the brand-new to a cave to see the vertical circle you can see the behind me this pot of gold a little bit, I’ll show you guys the old freezer button, and people hike up the waterfall, and the only way you can get here is using ice tea birds.


Because this is summer we were easily able to wolf down which is really really cool I really want to come back here in the winter, and see what it’s like I’ve never seen a water filtration before we’re heading back to the bus now there’s Stevie taking away too many photos as normal that I have to go through. So it’s 10 o’clock, and you’re up to photo 500 as always wrong we’ve been now driving down ice field parkway I think it’s called, and we’re at folate, and the sky is going blue a bit yes like the clouds are going away it’s really nice it’s a little bit chilly. Because of the glacier spoilers that’s where we’re heading next is it that part ah was it a different one I don’t know no it’s in a different one didn’t want yeah next no next stop is pedro lake oh peyto lake then no, and then a voice yeah then we’ll be in Jasper yes lots of stuff another big crazy we just arrived at Cato late palpitate all they’re about to see it we’ve spotted another grizzly like them.

I mean black bear Marius it’s right next to the road Morocco’s will be extra rubbed up now. Because we’re about to go on top of a glacier that is I’ve been looking forward to this the whole trip this is like the cherry on the top, and this is the glacier that we’re going on that’s up there all right let’s go ready you don’t look as a rug Duff as me I feel like an extra prepared for this three jump yeah I’ve liked my leather jacket, and then a jumper over the top all right let’s go I start to jump on these glacier this 27 of them playful playful just like a million bucks tonight one of them’s in Antarctica yeah sure though oh I guess you seamen we go on Walter, and then you’re going on a base you know right motivations pulled over on us, and ready whoa I spent. So long just wondering here’s I was adrift snowy. So big, and they say as deep as the Eiffel Tower that’s our deepest piece of Isis that did not go well this is snow that’s falling right now you can see only in Stevens hair it’s like little bowls I’ve never seen snow like this before looks like styrofoam balls oh my gosh I really trees the wrong shoes to wear today, and now, I’m perched above the factory for looking down at my friends below in my comfy car I Drive away. But there is nowhere up to go.

So we got some of the like the freshwater Glacia from the actual fellatio, I’ll give it a try that’s cold, and fresh sorry fresh. So cool I’ve got a wife two kids, and everything goes hazy now it’s making sense all right I made it. So now. So nice up here guys amazing. So good this snowy mushy Dillon High Line’s behind you communal blast or you have one. So we just got to the small town of Jasper it’s actually quite cute it’s like just a little small probably couple of blocks for crash, and we need some coffee we’re gonna go grab one of those, and then we’re gonna head up to a mountain. But I don’t think we hear long ago I cough now suppose anything funny to me squiggled Oh Ted screaming – where’s the squiggle probably around here no making it on your face I know some people mock Timmy’s.

But it’s cheap means quick will in there. So, I’m good one minute to two minutes max, and look these two cost $4 eat now or together anyway. So we don’t have much time. So we’re just gonna have a quick look around Jasper, and then factor. But just a quick spot. But we are here at mount robson it’s an interesting spot. Because this is the highest mountain in the Rockies.

But it’s covered in cloud. But it’s comforting cloud. So we can’t really see it today just was saying that we can actually see this mountain from our place in Surrey yes kind of cool, and now it’s like right there in front of us it’s like a viewing ground that’s pretty much the last stop, and then we’re gonna head to our hotel, and then tonight we’re gonna have a barbecue, and s’mores we saw some old bears, and we saw a moose always like we just drove past and. So I was like me is what I like. So just arrived at our accommodation for the night we’re standing like a log cabins which is amazing. So cool give you guys a quick tour. So that’s the place for staying in it’s like it guys this place is so cool I love the wood hey as always we’re in a divorce. Because there’s the – this place is so cool it’s like wooden as they rose, and then we’ve got just like a quick bathroom set up up this place is so cool you know cool this place Pete if it was in the winter. Because imagine just like you of this snow uh-huh that’s cool we’re gonna go down to a lake later, and have a campfire by the lake which is really close in yeah, and there’s also signs outside just saying like bear warnings there’s a good scene we’ve seen. So many bears sorry like it’s not I wish you could stop the no I think we’re just gonna shower up, and then go to dinner yeah two bears on the train oh my gosh oh my god they’re looking at us yeah well that was very cool definitely never seen one you know without the car door there you know like you literally if I wanted to it could run over an attack, and there were cops we didn’t go too close though. But now like just you know probably fifty meters away about to start a campfire.

So hopefully it doesn’t come over anyway we’re gonna start this care fine now, and get those moles on let there be light yes having been my mosquito Lori talks in my lips such a fun night guys having s’mores again this. So kind of fires except for when you I hope you can see my lip is like. So it’s a multi buy it would be gone probably in the morning be gone organic it’s just got me in like a little I don’t know. But the adventure still continues tomorrow guys we’re going out on a bed Safari which should have fun even though we saw like could you leave bezel hey. But it should be good sorry thanks for reading guys give us a thumbs up if you’re new around here hit comment, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow you.

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