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I might’ve got a clue from these subtle signs. Blissfully unaware, though, we stopped early enough to get in some swimming and pool time after our long and extended wet and cold winter. Little did we know how different the view would be out the motel window in another twelve hours.

Twelve hours later (almost to the minute) from the previous day’s picture – it’s in the fifties (12°C) and little did we know, we were already looking at the high temperature for the entire day and we hadn’t even left the motel yet.

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St Nicholas Parish Church, on the B8046 out of Uphall, is the only old church. Uphall was once Strathbrock (valley of badgers) and Broxburn is from the same old word, brock for badger (hence ‘badger stream’). Uphall is a name which seems to cause pronunciation problems for some reason. It is just as written, Up hall, but people will produce ‘Uffle’ and such like. The Earl of Buchan built his solar-system model at the family home, Kirkhill. The family was connected with the area until after the Second World War. Broxburn’s Roman Catholic church was built in 1880 for the Dowager Countess of Buchan. Its font has had a varied history. Dating to pre-Reformation times, it was ejected from the new kirk and for some time was used as a cattle water trough on a local farm. When it was recognised for what it was, the farmer gave it to the countess, who then presented it to the church.

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