Extravagance in Monaco

Hey from nice today I am going to Monaco. So, I’m leaving on the train for that right now I have arrived in Monaco, I’m gonna go, and explore see what I find. So beautiful. So really excited this gorgeous view that I found within about five minutes of being here walking up to the palace now and.

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So incredible everything is so beautiful here. So excited to be here kind of can’t believe it that I. So if you’re visiting the palace I recommend that you walk over kind of toradol of the building they’re stunning views as you can see behind me, and there’s absolutely no one I am the only one here the streets are empty back over there where I was everyone is kind of vying for a space very crowded here it’s there’s nobody. So that where you first come up the stairs over there is where all of the tourists are very crowded, and then you just go down all of these houses, and come down this road, and there is no one in front of the palace right now you’re like Prince you come to the palace, and Museum area definitely be sure to walk around on all of the twisting little trails, and garden paths that are here. Because they’re really really. So beautiful.

So finish my time at the palace now hit it in search of Monte Carlo this design a little confusing in Monte Carlo definitely a lot of very interesting things to see here everything here seems wealthy even the streets smell like expensive perfume it’s a it’s beautiful here in a very different way than the the other European cities that are a little more charming this is very ostentatious kind of beauty Danelle wasn’t enough there’s one at the beginning yes I was enough expensive shops for me. So I’ve come to this a raid in park it’s just didn’t at a very luxurious indoor shopping mall felt some pretty out of place. Because everyone was wearing designer clothes I didn’t know that anyone’s hair could be. So perfect I mean just kind of look around having a great time here it’s more interesting, and I don’t know I don’t really know how to describe it it’s it’s a lot to take in kind of, I’m standing outside the Grimaldi for up, and now found a Japanese garden here we have a Bugatti store apparently third Chanel that I have seen. So I didn’t know it existed. But apparently the turn behind me is world’s most famous bend in the road, and it’s known as kind of a hairpin turn, and it’s even called the Fairmont it’s just gonna make it I feel like in the US warning you. But there’s a turn coming up, and warning you to go about two miles an hour, and here they just have a sign advertising how dangerous it is Oh cactus headed towards the house that was here I decided to go to kind of the fancy cafe right outside the casino the Cafe de Paris some of the coffee’s were even 18 euros.

So I paid I paid 10 euros for a latte it was not that good, and the service was also pretty bad. So that was disappointing I went inside the Monte Carlo Casino just. Because I thought it was something that I should do, and see while I was here I lost $20. But well they also take 5 euros from you to be able to go in an experience that, I’m glad I did. Because I was here, and it’s the James Bond casino. So now I think, I’m gonna head back to nice. Because I’ve been out all day to find the train station now Monaco has.

So many hills, and make different levels to it that it’s hard to tell really where you are even looking at a map back at my Airbnb. So I will see you tomorrow bye.

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