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H. Butterfield, et al. Cambridge, MA: Korea, North Map Harvard University Press, 1975. John Adams to Abigail Adams April 14, 1776 You justly complain Korea, North Map of my short Letters, but the critical State of Things and the Multiplicity of Avocations must plead my Excuse. You ask where the Fleet is. The inclosed Papers will inform you.

Sean Campbell, from Campbell Paranormal Investigations, waiting for a response in the basement.

Remnants of old cabinets and countertops remained in the old country kitchen reflecting the style of the late 1940s. Continuing through the small area, we entered a slightly larger room with other adjoining rooms. One to the left and back, the others to our right. Rooms had been gutted with some signs of new construction.

We ascended the stairs to the second floor where J.R. gave us a quick tour before leaving us. Sean and I settled in for an EVP session while Bev returned to the first floor wanting to run a private EVP session. Walking into a side room at the front of the house and she sat down. The rain had slowed to a gentle shower as her questions began.

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