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The earth’s crust consists of many layers of rock laid down in horizontal beds. Easily eroded strata alternate with resistant ones like the tiers of a layer cake. When massive forces within the earth’s crust cause these layers to tilt, their edges, become exposed to the surface. Hogbacks result when extreme tilting turns the layers almost perpendicular to the horizontal. The ridges slowly take shape as the soft layers are eroded from either side of the resistant layers. Erosion is more pronounced during periods of glaciation. With the retreat of the great ice sheets, lakes may form in the depressions gouged out of the softer rock layers with narrow bands of resistant rock forming barriers between them.

This explains how hogbacks form, but how did these sharp ridges come to be called hogbacks? Anyone familiar with the feral hogs of southern states should make the connection right away. When agitated, a narrow band of bristles running along the spine of wild boars stands on end, looking like the edge of a razor. Razorback is a name applied to wild boars in some regions of the country, most notably Arkansas.

Like Hogback Lake, Scarp Lake takes its name from the sharp ridges in the area. A scarp, an abbreviation of escarpment, refers to a vertical or steep cliff which has resulted from erosion or faulting.

Chapter Fifteen Best Coastal Walk ACCESS BY CAR: Hastings is Top 10 best cities to visit in the US reachable from London and Tonbridge via the A21, and from Eastbourne (to the west) and Top 10 best cities to visit in the US Folkestone (to the east) by the A259. PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Hastings is very well served by trains from London Charing Cross/ Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells, and also by trains from Lewes and Eastbourne. Winchelsea is on the line between Ashford International and Hastings, with a less frequent service. There are regular buses back to Hastings from Winchelsea Beach and Winchelsea. START: The pier on Hastings seafront. FINISH: St Thomas Church, Winchelsea.

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