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Santorini is one of the most southerly islands in the Cyclades. It lies between los and Anafi, has an area of 96 square kilometres, and its permanent population numbers 11,381- It is situated 130 nautical miles from Piraeus and 70 nautical miles from Crete. The coastline measures 69 kilometres in length, while the island itself is 18 kilometres long (from Cape Mavropetra in the north to Cape Exomytis in the south) and between two and six kilometres wide. The capital of the island is Fira, and Athinios is its port.

The semicircular shape of the island today is the result – as, indeed, was the creation of the island itself – of the eruptions of a volcano, which was active as far back as prehistoric times (see Volcanic Activity). On the west side, where the volcano is located, Santorini is steep and rocky. The west coast ends in a steep precipice which plunges into the calde-ra, a circular lagoon-

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The steep walls of the caldera, with towering rocks and sharp contrasts between the shades of black and red in the rock strata. like body of water that measures 32 square miles and is 300 to 400 metres deep.

The cliffs surrounding the caldera, which range in height from 150 to 300 metres, consist of horizontal, parallel bands of red and black rock and lava that were formed during repeated eruptions. Perched on the rim of the cliffs are the island’s main towns, Fira and the pretty village of Oia.

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