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Heyo guys. So as we make our way down to topo we stopped off at a geothermic park called craters of the moon to take a look at some of the geothermic activity that happens here in new zealand conflict craters. And fantastic fumaroles a funeral is opening in which steam.

And what kind of gas xscape. And hissing. And roaring sounds, you hear produced by pressure ICU is giving from tiny cracks alright.

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So we are at Craters of the Moon. And as, you can see this lovely crater behind us there’s also some mud down there. And yesterday we learned that the mud is very basic and.

So if you put it on your face without being neutralized, you can actually get really bad burns. So even though it looks cool, it’s really not good to put on hey guys right now we’re at rockin ropes it is like an event your ropes course basically, it’s an adult jungle gym on steroids yeah bunch of rope sets, you parently jump on. And grab things tightrope jump off things like that wood right there, you guys can’t see this right now, but my entire body is shaking and.

I do, it’s not fun. I mean that was scary that was really scary natural tourist attractions here in New Zealand over 200,000 years of water flowing over these balls every second. So five other people let’s say well, you are probably wondering meeting why are, you dressed like a pirate slash Tula well internet.

I will tell, you it is because. I’ve actually supposed to be like next topics, it’s my costume for our lovely boat ride that is celebrating what is this a brain yes. So we’re going on a dinner cruise through Lake Taupo.

And everyone’s dressed up Ned Kelly Kelly okay. I don’t. I don’t know that is if we’re going to have dinner on Lake Taupo and.

We’ll celebrate everything Australia what is that, you gotta catch your crocodile yeah that’s got your back good job see Bourbon all right what are, you guys dressed up as very nice oh yeah very chilling and, you just kind of animal is in case, you need to rescue someone for the lake today a tribute to the Australian flag. And thumbs of my ears or we call it thumbs because they’re very Australian, you always wear them to the beach that sort of thing. So yeah basically.

I’ve covered Australia it was very challenging to find the Italian flags in New Zealand it actually it actually is very challenging if. I just really like recheck all the to dollar stores. And we eventually found something, you know.

I wouldn’t take it in the ceiling without showing, you the door. I know, you guys know about this it is. So round puffy ball that rolls down the hill.

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