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Suburban Appliance Servicenter Boston

271 Moody St, Waltham; (617)

893-6694 Don’t let the small size of this storefront make you think that Suburban can’t compete with the superstores; the rear area has a wonderful, miniwarehouse atmosphere of the sort Mr. C prefers. The selection may be smaller, but there are plenty of good deals on brand name products. A Braun Multipractic food processor with a list price of $103.95, for example, was recently seen here for a mere $34.88 including a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty. All manner of small appliances are represented here, from microwaves to can openers, in such reliable name brands as Norelco, KitchenAid, and Inter-plak. No large appliances, though.

As the store name implies, Suburban is also big on repair work. Better still, they sell the accessories that most department stores don’t like clean air filters and unusual-size vacuum cleaner bags. The people working here sure know their business, if they are somewhat lacking in social graces. It’s one of those long-time, working-class, neighborhood joints. Long may they reign. Open weekdays from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. and Saturdays from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M.

Boston Trotman Office Machine Service

537 Shawmut Ave. Boston; (617) 424-7143 This shop sells and services fax machines, copiers, computers, calculators, and typewriters. More importantly to devoted Cheapsters, Trotman also sells reconditioned units in most of the above. This can be a great way to save big on expensive office equipment. They will try to match you up with just the features you want. All reconditioned machines come with a 90-day warranty, very fair indeed. Open weekdays from 9-5.

Save money at many of these used book stores by bringing them the ones you don’t want anymore. They’ll give you more for your books if you take store credit rather than cash. It’s a good, cheap way to keep your libraries lean, or to try out new authors.

Also, check the Thrift Shop listings for more places to find used books. Many have good selections for anywhere from a quarter to a buck.

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