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In another instance a Ford employee’s daughter was kidnapped. Ford told Harry to take care of it, but before anything could be done the parents paid the ransom and the child was returned. Strange, but two weeks later the ransom was recovered by Harry. Even more strange, the man suspected of the kidnapping was found murdered on a Detroit side street several days after that.

While at Ford Motor Company, Harry was well compensated for his service with good pay, readily available cash, homes and property, including the lodge on Lost Lake. However, Harry’s ruthless ways put a target on his back. He was paranoid about his safety and took unusual measures to protect himself.

Harry surrounded himself with security at all times, and his homes were built as fortresses. An avid outdoorsmen and hunter, the lodge on Lost Lake was a safe refugee that only his daughters and close friends knew about. With this in mind, what Scott told us brought everything into perspective.

Scott started with the large room that was actually the original cabin. Harry built the house around this room. Today it is used to serve food. In the 1930s this large open room may have been used for dining, parties and entertainment. It has a few chairs along the walls, piano and serving tables. The doors in the outer, paneled wall blend into the paneling making them difficult to see, especially for intruders.

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