Exploring Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto Japan

Hey everybody today come down to you gosh Kea district, and it is set up what’s not set up it’s actually an original street. So if you want to see like a traditional Japanese village this is the perfect place to go it’s really cool just to walk around, and just see all the shops, and houses this is a local village. So a lot of people do live here too kind of just walking around popping in going to some tea houses as well.

Exploring Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto Japan Photo Gallery

But it’s nice to finally see some traditional Japanese villagers. So we’ve been walking around, and noticing that a lot of houses have these corn on a cob with a little bit of a message in front of it hanging out the front of their house, and we’ve been told this is a warning sign to the devil, and the corn keeps the devil out money to our we noticed this place last night, and yes let’s do happy Bank guys we can’t see these variables like the one breakfast we have to go for it. So this is your flight pancakes all they do is they whip up egg whites, and then they fold in the flour to make them super like this fluffy this is. Because fluffiest pancakes ever they look. So good which is comes this museum, and look at this art installation it’s a pole that’s so cool in right here are you sure is actually following me like well what an interesting starts in the morning thank you Triana that what if you like them Han welcome to Kyoto everyone I am probably most excited to be here this is like there’s not one page of the money to go to in Japan very excited oh yeah there’s a lot of cool things to see we’ve been doing Instagram stories, and when we said we’re coming here you guys had such incredible suggestions yeah it’s gonna be nonstop BAM, and what a grand entrance having this massive Tower Hotel just in front of us.

So we just arrived at our accommodation, and we are doing the traditional Japanese stay I don’t know I think you have to make up yes we have our table we have to sit on this is where we have tea we can have some drinks, and then Oh someone is here I believe the futon we need to set up should we do it pretty sure then you put this on okay. So is that like a not a mattress do you think this is like yeah I think sorry oh that doing it looks super calm yeah do as the locals do oh is that mine thank you just walk out of your hotel vending machine I have to admit as much as we laugh at the vending machines they are super convenient, and they’re not even that expensive it’s about a hundred yen which is like a dollar twenty you’d pay like three bucks whenever we’re thirsty literally I go, I’m really thirsty turn the corner, and Steve up more vending machines we haven’t seen any crazy ones just yet 100 alrighty guys we have dropped off our bags, and we’ve head out to find some snacks we’re meeting up with everyone in about half an hour to go, and explore it is super humid here way more humid than anywhere else in Japan.

So far we’ve had a little outfit change we are so obsessed with the bakeries here in Japan they’ve pretty much been fueling us and, I’m not too healthy. But also how clean is Japan like this is just a random street there is no reason in this being. So clean you know what it’s always. So clean there’s no rubbish for there’s never. So I never understand how it’s so clean. But we’re carrying around our rubbish all righty we’ve just come to Puccini inari The Tempest Rhine of a thousand doors, and it is it’s really cool to be here. Because this is one of the places I want to visit the most when we headed to Japan of course it is peak time of the moment.

So it’s SuperDuper busy nice busy side scenery this is four o’clock, and it isn’t crazy yeah just. So that that’s five hundred of doors that way, and five hundred doors this way wow it is so cool amazing literally just walking past them at a normal pace I can see why there’s a thousand of them. But a G – of trouble another day trying another Japanese sweet we just finished walking from up there, and then we just spotted this place, and they’re doing sweet it’s called dango dango I think it was no clue. Because imagine that emoji with the three walls yeah that’s what I thought I might’ve eat okay how’s the emoji toe what a little sweet smells like um teriyaki sauce you know it’s savory okay it’s nice like dough is I don’t with teriyaki sauce on it that’s pretty good yeah all right guys we’ve now all come down to the gion district, and we’ve been told that if we’re lucky we may see a Geisha here that would be amazing it is so beautiful here the buildings are so like more traditional, and there’s all these willow trees everywhere super pretty imagine this like a couple of weeks time when more hits, and this is gonna be serving like oranges, and reds imagine it at the wintertime as well, and then we’re walking like along this like little stream super peaceful the air fingers crossed we see a Geisha these are the infamous cherry blossom trees we are some left over almost all gone. But imagine all of these covered in cherry blossoms the street that we’re walking down looks.

So authentic, and their little restaurants it squad is on the hunt for a spot you know this is the weirdest vending machine we’ve found it is soup as you can see there is like a fish in there that’s not dinner tonight this is dinner time come out for dinner – no think Japanese restaurant everyone is chilling drinking away we’re getting just different rounds of foods. So they’re just bringing it as we go throughout night those awesomes like a little flame, and they’re cooking up some shrimp for us Oh.

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