Welcome we are in the Buda side we touch. I didn’t notice for the second of two cities together, this is the start of my Eastern European to eat or it covers Budapest.

So excited. So excited. So, you see behind me that is the Danube River which separates Budapest.

So the healer square as. I mentioned, it’s a kind of an opening exhibition of the Hungarian history they build a square with the monument. And also with the museum’s here in 1896 that was the thousandth anniversary millennium of the land taking.

BUDAPEST Hungary Photo Gallery

So the engineer is arrived here end of the 9th century officially 896. So that’s why in that year there were all kind of big Vestal events. And many of the great construction work who are finished for that year.

And this square as well we’re now we’re the Geller massages maybe the soybean yeah maybe maybe not so much, but I’m so much blogging blogging chuckle ooh look at camera hello yeah no hello that way oh we are very close hey guys.

So this morning we are visiting the Parliament building here in Budapest what’s so exciting about Parliament building well as you’ll find out there were also fighting here in front of the parliament building, you know that was the chance when Hungarians wanted to get rid of the Russians. And and actually it started first as a student demonstration.

And then they were on there this way in front of the Parliament ten thousands of people demanding the withdrawal of the Russian troops. And all of the sudden they started to shoot the people from the top of that building. So they were in a crossfire lots of people died were injured.

And that was a real start of the revolution of the building Kenneth. I’m hungry hungry hungry hungry hungry, you know where we’re going to get perk like we kissed, it’s like, you baby bird Marburg what are, you doing. I see Falls happening in your future.

I’m gonna go grab the bag. ?

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