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Everybody yeah we all take meaning today, I’m so excited to go yeah it’s so excited to see Munich we are just about to hawk down to go to breakfast, and then we jump on a train to Munich, and it’s really quick when I think like an hour, and offeree off three hours a quickie was a quick wake a you actually said it was a question. So three hour okay okay I guess we’ll do it oh gotta do it all right let’s go have some breakfast we didn’t make a bus of you on these damn mega buses alrighty ready I really feel like a big glass of OJ mmm COBOL I compensate a little coffee it’s a long giant start the Hey guys not this again we need to go no no that’s silly piano app. So we can finally go to Munich you are I know what you’re gonna be doing on the train hmm they just say to win up eat someone jumped out, and with the elevator well could be guys for – man already guys we just got to Munich we’re gonna be spending the next three days here we got some places to show you yeah we she’s making our way out of the train station now I think we just need to get outside, and enough to go down I love how colorful the city is just looks cold die die you look cold yes up tram oh no go go Thank You tram. So yeah the place we are staying at is only 250 meters away from the train station which is always saying the place called the Charles hotel now they’re part of the same hotel chain as remember the Balmoral the in Edinburgh the hotel where JK Rowling finished the last Harry Potter book is under the same hotel chain, and yeah they’ll kind enough to put us up for the night to check it out and, I’m excited if it’s anything like the hotel we said in Edinburgh it should be a really good night thank you all doctor very nice thank you buddy we checked in we are a little bit early. Because the train got in quite quick. Because the German trains there the fast train sir every room isn’t ready yet which is fine.

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So we’re just gonna go for a little walk we’re actually right next to like this really nice Park, and when it comes into view some nice buildings we’re a seven-minute walk away from the city center yeah yes sir pretty much is a part of everything, and they’ve just given us a quick map. So we’re gonna go check out the city center, and see what’s around, and maybe grab something to eat yeah um got ourselves a full of or brought there’s bread in German our abyssion bread Arabi Sheila that’s Arabic bread. But it’s like shaped weird let’s cook though. So we’re gonna go back down to that Park eat mu nu bag has to park, and walk through, and eat our lunch just to get away from the city for a little bit, and then we’ll probably go check into our room freshen up, and then go find a couple of cool spots to go, and check out, and maybe grab a camera. Because we’ve left it up with the UM with all our baggage this is so good huh I honestly feel. So sorry for the gardeners this time of year that was hated when the leaves fall miles plus leaves everywhere yes it doesn’t even look like he’s done his job.

But, I’m sure he was here all Hey guys let’s go into our room is so nice we have oh my gosh I’ve got the hiccups. But we’ve got a nice big bed got a little couch clear little bed they put a little plot next to your bed Claire hey got a nice view let’s see oh that’s big doors it’s a view down there oh my gosh my hiccups chocolates, and strawberries oh they look. So good, and just when I’ve been up a little bit this holds good think oh there we go away, I’m gonna go check out the bathroom let’s see there’s a lot of buttons here that’s not a button oh my goodness what is this most of this uh huh nice ba oh the showers nice it’s like an entire like a room for a shower all I haven’t at least one of these things called a brew day or something these toilets where they put a foodie name I can’t remember the name my knees cold I kind of really cold guys don’t like the corner pretty sure it’s a good three day or something you’re gonna use that oh, I’m never used one before room don’t we know where’s it go tie room. So nice I want to eat chopped herbs yes, and put that on, I’m sure one of these Chucky’s jewel one Steve oh you go doctor clip mmm good that’s actually mm-hmm pouring in it already my word yes these are the problem though let me get into my robe, and stuff I never want to go out can I touch the Internet oh yeah just wanna chill for a little bit, and then go ahead out with the camera sounds good awesome variety guys me not ago we are now going to go for an afternoon stroll before it gets dark we are gonna bring a little baby, and go check out some of those cool buildings that we saw when we were looking for lunch yeah that sounds good yeah we’ll just have a little yeah show you more of the Munich tomorrow. But when we have a whole day super fun yeah yeah, I’m also gonna fire grocery store grab a drink we’ve had to rock up with it like some actually as long as it is really cold beer. But luckily it’s still like nice, and blue skies, and not raining.

But it is really chilling yeah I think this is like the coldest place you’ve been to. So far it is what this gloves out that are we were looking at around we have seen this cool building. So we’ve walked up to it see it it’s getting that construction which is a shame. But I think the other side looks ok we’re, I’m pretty sure we’re like in the heart of Munich at the moment it looks like we’re coming to like a High Street. Because there’s no cars around, and lots of shuttles see oh look at all the Christmas lights coming out that’s cool see you look like a teacher name, and a body shop, and stuff like that. But, I’m here unfortunately there’s all these construction on this cold building oh well the other side looks better maybe we’ll go around the circle, and show on it there is sorry I never liked the tail plane, and then we thought together a little coffee, and hot chocolate be hey people for money Duncan, I’m a feeling this is where the Christmas markets are. But that is not only everything I don’t think made that true yes truly too late too early to drawing around you that’s not like on the way in we’ll just wondering why do we give the cities an English name for example we call Munich unique.

But the locals call it yeah I mean to be honest Australia is the first language is English. But still why don’t we call it like. But I mean why don’t the Germans feel Australis, and it goes, and why don’t we call the Germany no Deutschland yeah does anyone know cuz, I’m just interested. Because thoughts that run through our minds don’t if it’s a stupid question. But we asked it anyway we ask the stupid questions you’re applying the narrative closing store. So this is Star Wars branding it’s done right it’s a mannequin. But it’s like kinda inspired by it little arch wait cycle going into a castle or something, and can you see in the middle that the the sunset at the moment it’s got like a little pink hue to it it’s very pretty, and I know I keep going on about the time.

But it’s currently 4:30 oh look at the pink stay. So Indonesian, and stuff that’s cool that’s so pretty look we’ve gone through the archway boom not exciting very we haven’t seen a Spectre movie yet one day how cool is that they’ve lied wrong Christoph Waltz, and Daniel Craig in that go Sam Mendes or am I reading one one we need to see it we need to find an english-speaking sooner I have to see it sometime okay I want to see it I really want to see Spectre Hunger Games, and Star Wars when it comes out there my three posts, I’ll review the dinosaur one is everywhere this year like this week alright. So I thought movies I want to see in the cinema this year must-see all right well back now we just wanted to buy anything yourself you know yo going now. So again we’re gonna quickly check out this spot area before we get that far I wanna see what looks like I’ve got a little cheeky get to a spot you got your DS I got my body’s. Because you lost yours I lost my body’s everything I might be something where do we go we lost its in a spa. But I was just like wait reckon we can just go in which is looking at Lonely Boys. Because last time I wasted my night playing that stupid piano app.

So then I worked on joy tell me you’re playing it nor I honestly wish we were sponsored by this app. Because we would just be playing it all the time it’s so good, I’m are obsessed with this Aladdin song this story much it’s so fun you have to like click it it feels like you’re actually playing a piano don’t you think uh-huh sorry fun I can’t believe you’re I keep playing and, I’m whole thing about it hot get me an hour away all right, I’m gonna move up, and then get some work done, I’m excited for this look at it it looks. So good I haven’t had one of these in. So long yes look all comfy looking a little workstation I like them be my feet are you got big feet okay we finally found an english blog that isn’t speaking german, and it’s dodgeball yeah. So reading a german german cable TV found the english blog. But it has our big subtitles currently 11:15 we need it go hey thanks for reading guys see you in Munich who tell anything hi guys wait you got that from me.

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