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At the winery’s entrance, a wooden water tank and a Miami Subway Map green, nineteenth-century grain wagon mark the long driveway, which is lined with eighty- Miami Subway Map year-old almond trees. Resting in their shade are antique agricultural essentials, including a wooden almond hauler. Dana and Marsha Merrill, and their son, Matthew, represent eight generations of farming on the Central Coast. For thirty years, the family has grown wine grapes and managed vineyards for wineries, such as Robert Mondavi.

As a charter member of the Central Coast Vineyard Team in the 1990s, Dana helped develop the Sustainability in Practice (SIP) certification program, which fosters sustainable agricultural and business practices by evaluating such elements as water and energy conservation, and labor relations. In 2002 the Merrills bought the 130-acre Pomar Junction property and planted 91 acres to nearly a dozen different grape varieties.

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