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The lane passes Ware Barn then swings left; ignore signed South Africa Map Tourist Attractions paths leading off right and then left, but continue along the lane, which then swings right South Africa Map Tourist Attractions and heads for a large area of forest. Just as the lane is about to enter the forest, it reaches a crossroads of footpaths, and it is here that you must turn left, diving now into the forest along what seems initially to be a rather unpromising path.

(Do not be tempted along a track that forks immediately left from here along the edge of the forest; it is strictly private and will take you miles off course!) Very soon, however, you will reach a T-junction with a much wider track which is also a public path; turn left and follow the track north-westwards in a dead straight line. Forest walking can be confusing with so many tracks, but on this occasion there is absolutely no need for hesitation as you proceed, simply ignoring all the many crossing tracks, gaining height all the time. On a hot day you will be glad of the shade, as this is quite hard work. At length you arrive not only on the top of the hill but at the northern edge of the woods, where your path ends at a T-junction with the South Downs Way.

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