So a few weeks ago. I was challenged by another one of Best Westerns travel experts check Gartner we haven’t received our Best Western reward point in a while.

So we thought we would use them to each fund our own epic road trip where the best road trip wins using my points I’ll be paying for my gas food hotel room activities. And more I’ll be doing winter on the west coast good luck Chet because my road trip is gonna be awesome Dayna been charged. I’m a little bit chilly little bit wet.


And what better way to solve that problem put a back massage well. I’m gonna really solve the problem, but, it’s still a back massage. So thank, you because obviously.

I’m gonna use my voice on a massage do it a bit jet blasts up here in Canada before we head into the u.s.

And it is we are at the Seattle waterfront. And it is absolutely gorgeous outside. And right beside me is the Olympic sculpture park which is a nine-acre outdoor sculpture museum on the beach no your eyes do not see view this actually is a wall of dumb actually there’s a couple walls up this whole valley way is full of good, this is the gum wall in Seattle it is a popular tourist attraction be in tacos oh my gosh, this is like a potato bun but.

I added guacamole and I got it chorizo. And sour cream fake sour cream oh hello there goody bag what’s we got in here staff waters yes cookie balcony, this is gorgeous hello sidled, you are amazing so.

I’ve decided that tonight. I’m gonna see a movie here in Seattle. And currently locomotion time, but give the card Seattle perfect time winter time to go see a movie that is what regulates piccolo stop over here in Portland Oregon to check out the forages parks of bicycle paths opponents kind of known for, it’s lunchtime.

And we’re getting ourselves a little bit of a sandwich for the road. I am. So excited.

I have enough Yin forever so I picked a smaller hill here on Mount Hood. and I’m going to try that what a wonderful west coast winter road trip. I hope, you enjoyed this post. And seeing how much was paid for using Best Western reward points don’t forget to let check Gardner another Best Western travel expert know how awesome my road trip was by voting down below in the comments or over on his post which, you should totally check out as he used his points to go explore the Gulf Coast plus, you can book your own trip at Best Western rewards calm well thank, you for reading.

And I’ll see, you next time on the road bye. ?

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