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Right well we’re gonna enjoy a day Because we’re on we loved it when you did heven wonderful experience with us today 97 on Monday Hey guys today we are about to go, I’m so excited, and this time it’s worked in Alice Springs we didn’t have luck. But today in Cannes it went up for us, I’m so excited six balloons out at the moment it’s also handed wonderful run run run this was worth getting enjoin you first what I believe this is what do you expected are you ready for the crash landing always love doing first with people especially family members even though we’ve done it before. So we kind of know what’s going to happen, and just seeing their face light up doing the hot-air balloon, I’m so glad we finally got to do it with mom. Because she’s always wanted to do hot air balloon here we try to do it for her birthday early on the year.

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But Because we had just come back we couldn’t do it sir it makes me really happy to see that they enjoy her family goals hehe I love how they were like little koalas, and kangaroos, and all the different ones also we did our hot-air balloon with hot air cans, I’ll leave the link in the description below you guys interests into it I would highly recommend them we had a blast when we got the limo for you well I can put you in the front with Russell if you like oh my goodness been up since like two in the morning has worked up like the biggest appetite. But the best thing about being on holiday is we can just cook up a feast what do we got on menu Jess we have mangers we have not sure mangers YUM this is gonna be a good cookout Cary’s breakfast is served he is risen from the sleep doing some juice where would you like some juice I see a Jessie it’s fine to see if everyone enjoys it oh good idea dude is he reading out block she is breakfast is ready, I’ll be reading your gloves I love everyone it’s so good oh thank you I made some tea for you as well after several naps several swim several mince pies we’ve decided to come to the main strip in Port Douglas we’d have some shops, and cafes some restaurants we’re just gonna go a little walk around.

Because they offer think we saw some sales on sword essence she’s keen that is literally our Australians pronounced justice favorite coffee cute mama thought my Christmas present yeah can I please have a cone with the kids milk chocolate yeah that’s it thanks guys we couldn’t resist we’ve come down to the little ice-cream place I got chocolate Jess got a bit of a vanilla one oh no she got cookies, and cream whole squad moving out with the ice cream oh my goodness I waited too long it’s already starting to turn into a mess alright see you guys soon yeah be super nice coming to Port Douglas we like peak tourism season at the moment, and this town is dead which isn’t a bad thing when you want to come out to a town, and just have a nice quiet getaway it’s like 40 minutes outside of Cannes I would recommend you guys come here it’s been super relaxing the last couple of days I feel like my batteries all recharged is such a good feeling I’ve just come to clean up Jess’s relaxed mess, and look how she eats a mince pie like she leaves the good bit, and just disgusted with her guys I’ve actually just tucking myself at the bed, and I had this is what happens we’re like tropical North Queensland.

So it means it’s gonna rain a lot every night every day it’s sort of button sunny, and then every night it’s in pouring rain like crazy for like torrential rain crazy for as well see in the morning all righty guys it is the next day we’re done with Port Douglas all the moment we we might be back shortly, and now we’re heading off to our new hair bean bean cans we were just driving down the road, and we just noticed the funniest looking thing people have like stacked up all these stones just on this beach come on we gotta leave a little mark come find just this one if it’s still there where to pull over while we’re on the way to Cannes. Because there’s this beautiful lookout, and I think they do paragliding from here. Because it was an advertisement. But just wait for it seriously this drive from Cannes to Port Douglas guys you need to add it to the buck Elissa this is here sir it takes my breath away every time we drive down here. So look at that, and I was wrong they do hang gliding from here which means just have actually never done we still need to do that. So we’re gonna be spending the next few days in it Cannes we’ve just rocked up to our next air B&B well this is a little bit cute haha here’s our living room, and three bedrooms I guess that’s close to you guys on this one yeah everyone else guys.

But what a bit for you why don’t you come guys I feel like this time last year we’re doing the exact same thing that we’re getting excited call we come to the top early. Because we’re playing our Star Wars tickets a manicure the last year’s this time last year we did the exact same thing buying our tickets early the star we are on the hunt for Star Wars tickets yes yes we were lucky to get these golden tickets almost sold out Christmas shopping is finished well just spoke to mom, and dad’s can’t find them anywhere and, I’m pretty sure they’ve been spending the entire day in the pool I call their work a couple hours ago they said they’re in the pool, and I was like no way are they still in the pool they live in the Cairns life pickle with David I know he did what my pack of mince pie. So this summer to our house summit here’s when we come, and visit I have mince pies it’s all found them in the fridge second of all cover them eaten he’s been eatin his mince pies oh my gosh this is the retired life right here here they are retired have you been eatin my mince pies this is our time it looks like in Australia guys the polls in Cannes are so warm I can’t get over this look at this that is retirement, and what did he say we’re now back at my parents house and, I’m wrapping up present, and all I can see all these Santa’s staring at me that’s too baby this is the best part about Christmas the rappin oh wow that’s not the best looks good from far away guys it’s currently 11 o’clock, I’m such a slow rap I had to call in my elf not the best rapper sir whoever this is it was wrapped with love this is your daddy’s no spoilers we like haven’t done proper Christmas in a while. Because I think even last year we just did like Secret Santa a year before we were on the crew. So we didn’t do presents this year totally forgot that jess is a present not see, I’m doing I have to admit just does a pretty good job present not see does pay off in the end yay done midnight we about to go home. So we’re gonna end the post here I hope you guys enjoyed it, and tomorrow we are off to see some waterfalls which is gonna be awesome. So give this post a thumbs up comment if you’re new, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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