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If you cozy up to a lobsterman, ask if he knows how to hypnotize a lobster. You could try it yourself – stand it on its head and rub between the eyes with your finger for a minute or so.

The lobster should remain standing on its head without support. We don’t recommend it.


Commonly referred to as “the Champagne of Maine” (Allen’s even uses this term on their website), the standard sombrero mixture has taken on a range of monikers:

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Fat Ass in a Glass Gorilla Juice Bitch Whiskey Trailer Park Toddy Biddeford Martini Double Wide

And then there are the cocktail alternatives to the sombrero:

Burnt Trailer: one part Allen’s, two parts Moxie

The Service: a shot each of Allen’s, Santa Maria Al Monte, and espresso Block Island Iced Tea: equal parts Allen’s, vanilla vodka, and hazelnut.


As the name implies, Allen’s is an alcoholic beverage. It’s the number 1 selling alcoholic beverage in the state. In fact, it accounts for four of the lop ten selling alcoholic beverages by bottle. How is lhai possible? It comes in four different sizes. Allen’s routinely sells 98,000 cases, or a million bottles annually. It’s not even made in Maine, but in Massachusetts, but most of ii is sold here. It’s truly Maine and the unofficial stale alcoholic beverage.

Sweet, coffee flavored, and 60 proof, Allen’s is an interesting combination of a drink that’s genuinely popular with many people, but also serves as an ironic joke for olhers. Ordering a sombrero, a “brandy drink,” or just an “Allen’s” in Maine will likely get you the most popular form. Allen’s and milk over ice.

Try it. You might not like it, but you will have sampled a piece of Maine. Like whoopie pies, once unknown outside the region but now nearly ubiquitous, Allen’s has been spotted on the cocktail menus of upscale Boston and Manhattan bistros. What next?

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