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With its farmhouse, mature orchards, and vintage outbuildings, Uzbekistan Map it of old California. At the end of the driveway, the restored Victorian energy efficiency, Uzbekistan Map and labor relations. Primarily Rhone- and Bordeaux-style blends, the wines are 100 percent estate grown and also SIP certified. The Estate Reserve red blend, called Ancestor, is named for a massive, centuries-old live oak growing near the vineyard, a living reminder of the property’s long history and a harbinger of its promising future. HALTER RANCH VINEYARD OF SPECIAL NOTE: Picnic snacks available on-site. Picnic area located in garden outside tasting room.

There is a special tool for chiseling the grooves, but we didn’t hove one.

We placed the one lag above the one to be carved and made markings from 1 to 5 to indicate the depth of the cut.

Each day we saw our dream rise a little higher, harmonizing with the landscape, the golden logs set off against the blue of the lake, the green of the forest, and the white of the glaciers.

The hardest part was not actually working on the cabin but deciding where we would build it. The shores of the big lake provided us with many options.

Opposite: We often cut down trees for logs at a considerable distance from our site and brought them in using a horse specially tram ell for this tricky work.

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