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HOURS: Tues.-Sat. 6:30 P.M.-midnight by reservation only

In the 1800s, the McNinch House was home to leaders of industry and political figures. Today, the AAA Four Diamond restaurant and top pick in the Zagat dining guide still caters to the city’s movers and shakers. The restaurant was built in 1890 as the home of W. J. F. Liddell, an executive in the textile industry, and was sold to S. S. McNinch, the mayor of Charlotte, in 1907. In 1909, while McNinch was serving as mayor, president William Howard Taft spent the night in the home. Chef-owner Ellen Davis purchased the house in 1988 and opened the McNinch House restaurant. The home is on the National Register of Historic Places and is as well known for its place in Charlotte history as its highly choreographed dinner service. The seven-course dinner ($89; wine pairings $75 pp) includes an appetizer, soup, salad, sorbet, entree, cheese course, and dessert and is served by reservation only. An email with entree selections is sent to guests with confirmed reservations earlier in the week; guests are asked to review the available options and RSVP with their choice of entree. It’s not dinner, it’s an eventand the length of the meal reflects the emphasis on creating an upscale dining experience; diners should set aside a full evening (minimum three hours) to enjoy the meal. There is a strict dress code in effect (jackets are required for men; ties optional).

HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 6:30 A.M.-10:30 A.M., Sat.-Sun. 7 A.M.-2 P.M.

The Monticello isn’t an average hotel restaurant. The restaurant services the Dunhill Hotel, but is a favorite of Charlotteans in-the-know who are craving eggs Benedict, cinnamon-sourdough French toast, and other breakfast specialties. The menu emphasizes fresh, local ingredients, and includes Southern favorites like grits and biscuits. The dining room features crisp white tablecloths, dark wood accents, and original artwork. Servers are quick to refill water glasses and answer questions, but they understand the desire to linger over breakfast and won’t bat an eyelash if you want to order another cup of coffee and read the paper after the plates are cleared. The restaurant is busier on weekdays when hotel guests and local businesspeople are clamoring for a morning meal; for the best experience, opt for a later breakfast when the dining room is less crowded.

15701572 Pedro Men©ndez de Avil©s sends a Jesuit mission north to Scottsdale Map Tourist Attractions the Chesapeake Bay. The mission, however, becomes a tragic failure within a year. The Scottsdale Map Tourist Attractions Jesuits’ guide is a native who had been captured by Spanish soldiers in 1561, taken to Spain, and baptized. Seemingly assimilated into European culture, the young man promises to help the Jesuits convert the peoples of his native region. Once in the Chesapeake, however, the guide deserts the Jesuits and exhorts the region’s natives to resist the Spaniards. In February 1571, a force of Native Countrys surprises and massacres the Jesuits, leaving only one survivor a child taken into captivity. Men©ndez leads a retaliatory expedition to the Chesapeake in 1572; although he kills some thirty-five Native Countrys, he cannot find the erstwhile guide who has undone the Jesuit mission. After this incursion, the Spanish will withdraw from the Chesapeake region.

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