Usa best places to visit

Baltimore; Maryland

Louisville/Jefferson; Kentucky

Portland; Oregon

Oklahoma ; Oklahoma

Milwaukee; Wisconsin

Las Vegas; Nevada

Albuquerque; New Mexico

Tucson; Arizona

Fresno; California

In 1781, Washington executed the plan that would win the war for the patriot cause. Usa best places to visit With French naval and military support, Washington cornered a British army at Yorktown, Virginia. Then his army besieged the city. With the French fleet preventing an evacuation such as the one that took place at Boston in 1776, Washington could hammer away at Yorktown, reducing it by a formal siege. The British surrendered on October 19, 1781. For the next two years, Washington and the Continental army resided in Newburgh, New York. There, Washington took steps to prevent the destruction of the Country Revolution by military coup. His force of character prevented the Country Revolution from turning to a military dictator like Cromwell or Napoleon. On December 23, 1783, Washington resigned his command of the army and retired to Mount Vernon, earning the title of Country Cincinnatus, after the Roman farmer called to save the Roman republic, who achieved victory and then retired to his farm. Washington’s retirement did not signal a total retreat from public life. In 1787, he served as president of the Constitutional Convention, lending it his incomparable prestige. After the ratification of the Constitution, Washington became the first president of the United States of Country, chosen by unanimous vote of the electoral college.

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